McKinney Uber Accident Lawyer

Uber and taxi companies have a duty in not only getting people from point A to point B but to also keep the roads safe in the process. If you were injured in a car wreck involving an Uber or taxi driver, it is your right to hold the driver and company responsible for the accident. Contact McKinney Uber accident lawyer so you could get the compensation you need after being injured in an accident. A skilled attorney can fight by your side to help you recover the damages. En Español.

Differences in Car Accidents With an Uber Driver

When someone is driving a vehicle for another group or another company, whether it is a taxi or whether it is an Uber, there are additional safety precautions that the company hiring the driver should take to protect the public from bad drivers. The public rightfully feels that before another company puts somebody on the road, the company should ensure that the driver is qualified, they should make sure that the driver remains qualified, and also vet the drivers to make sure they are not dangerous for other reasons besides just driving.

Some of the ordinances that some local cities have tried to pass on Ubers and Lyfts and common carriers are to require criminal background checks to make sure that the drivers do not have safety issues in their background, sexual assault or assault, et cetera.

Uber or the taxi company also needs to check to see if the driver has a prolific history of DUI. If the driver does have a DUI on their record and then gets in a wreck due to being intoxicated, the public should be able to hold that carrier responsible for putting that driver on the road.

Taxi Status as a Common Carrier Affecting an Injury Claim

It is the duty of the taxi company to ensure that the vehicles that are being driven are safe. Part of the new areas, the cutting-edge areas of law, address whether or not those same duties apply to ride-sharing groups like Uber and Lyft as they do to taxis.

The same responsibilities apply when it comes to vetting drivers but when it comes to maintaining cars, maintaining vehicles, making sure that the vehicles are safe to be put on the road, these are private vehicles that are essentially rented by Uber for the use of that drive. Even though this issue going to be in flux, there is going to be some minimal level of maintenance that is required.

The taxi companies are demanding these ride-share groups like Lyft and Uber have to follow the same set of rules, the same safety rules that they follow to keep people safe. An Uber accident lawyer in McKinney is going to be well-versed on the rules and regulations and how they are going to apply to the plaintiff’s claim.

Contacting an Attorney

If you have been in a car wreck, it is important that you are able to get the necessary care so you can recover from your accident. By contacting a skilled Mckinney Uber accident lawyer, you could get the compensation you deserve after an unfortunate incident. It is vital to hold ride-sharing and taxi companies responsible for the drivers that they employed. If you have been injured in an Uber or taxi accident, call today to get started on your case.

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