McKinney Motorcycle Laws for Out-of-State Visitors

McKinney Motorcycle Laws for Out-of-State Visitors

If you are from out-of-state and involved in a motorcycle accident in Texas, any ensuing civil or criminal case would operate based on Texas state law, even if you are not a resident of Texas. The differences in legal rules and procedures between states can have a huge impact on how your case plays out, so seeking local legal counsel may be in your best interests. A local attorney who knows how cases proceed in this area could offer steadfast guidance about how McKinney motorcycle accident laws may impact out-of-state visitors.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in McKinney

Motorcyclists visiting Texas should know that state law does not require helmets for motorcycle operators over the age of 21. While it is encouraged that bikers use helmets along with any other safety gear that they possibly can, they are not required to by law.

However, motorcyclist that are driving through multiple states must comply with each state’s laws. Therefore, it is generally a good practice to wear helmets and protective safety gear to avoid any legal complications in more restrictive states.

Other Relevant Regulations for Out-of-State Bikers

When someone is operating their motorcycle in any state other than their own, they are required to know each state’s laws regarding motorbikes. If they do not know the laws, they would still be held to that same standard regardless of whether they are operating here in Texas or another state.

For the most part, traffic laws are virtually the same across state lines, save for small differences that affect motorcyclists. These statutes primarily deal with safety equipment, so that is what the motorcyclist most often needs to know: are they in a state that requires helmets, or are they in a state that does not?

Most of the other laws are the same regardless of what type of vehicle they are driving. Drivers still must stop at stop signs, yield at yield signs, and obey posted speed limits. All the normal rules of the road for any motorist applies to motorcyclists in another state.

Does Texas Have Laws for Motorcycle Passengers?

There is no legal difference if someone in a motorcycle wreck did or did not have a passenger. To a jury, a passenger is just another rider, and if someone is going to put somebody else on a bike with them, they should use a higher degree of care. However, juries do sometimes lay a significant amount of fault on the motorcycle driver but not normally on the passenger.

An Attorney Could Answer Out-of-State Rider’s Questions about McKinney Motorcycle Laws

There is plenty of open road to ride a motorcycle on in McKinney, but there are also plenty of rules and laws that govern how you are supposed to drive on those roads. Whether you are a native resident or a visitor, Texas state law applies to all motorcyclists equally. If you do have questions or concerns about McKinney motorcycle laws for out-of-state visitors, a seasoned lawyer could provide you with the answers you need. Reach out today and schedule a free consultation.

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