What to Do After a McKinney Truck Accident Involving Bad Weather

What to Do After a McKinney Truck Accident Involving Bad Weather

Many individuals might not know what to do after a McKinney truck accident involving bad weather. There are critical steps people should take following a crash with a truck.

Just like any other wreck, individuals involved in a truck accident should get themselves and others to safety so that additional wrecks do not occur. For more information on what you should do after a truck crash and how an attorney could help you recover damages, reach out to a seasoned truck accident lawyer.

Call the Police

After securing their safety, the next thing an individual should do after being in an accident involving hazardous weather is to ensure that evidence is preserved. One of the ways to help preserve evidence is to contact the police and make sure they arrive to the scene. Once the police get to the accident scene, they will assess the situation and file a police report. Reaching out to law enforcement is one of the most important steps to take after a McKinney truck accident invovling bad weather.

Take Pictures

If the individual is at a point of safety, taking pictures is always critical. Things can change very rapidly, particularly in an area like McKinney where there are changes in the roadway that are fairly common. They should take pictures of all vehicles involved, of any gouges in the road, and of any obvious points of impacts on the road. The person should also take photographs of the weather conditions as the weather could also impact liability.

Seek Medical Attention

After a truck collision, a driver should seek immediate medical care even if their injuries are not apparent. Also, individuals should seek medical attention to make sure that there are no hidden medical issues such as internal bleeding and organ damage. Often, while dealing with other serious injuries, injuries such as concussions could be overlooked. Not only is seeking medical attention critical to one’s health, but medical records could be an important piece of evidence.

Hire An Attorney

It is critical that a person hires a lawyer immediately because they will know what to do after a McKinney truck accident involving bad weather. They have the ability to get temporary restraining orders, agreements with defense attorneys, and anything else they need to preserve all relevant evidence.

The other thing that the lawyer needs to be able to do is to have experts at the ready so they can get accident reconstructionists and trucking experts on the scene while the evidence is still fresh. A lawyer could also make sure that the electronic monitoring of any vehicles on the scene are preserved so that it can be downloaded. GPS and drone measurements can vital pieces of evidence.

How a Truck Crash Attorney Could Help

A knowledgeable attorney will know what to do after a McKinney truck accident involving bad weather. They will ensure that evidence relevant to the accident such as pictures, police report, location of motor vehicles, and other critical facts of the case are preserved to help prove your claim. Let an experienced lawyer help you recover compensation. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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