Frisco Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Frisco Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bike riders face a difficult compromise. On the one hand, they must obey all rules of the road that other travelers are required to follow. On the other hand, many car and truck drivers do not give bicyclists the respect and protection on the road they deserve.

The simple fact of the matter is that bicyclists are owed the same protections while on the road as any other people. When they are injured in accidents at the fault of another, they have the right to seek damages.

A Frisco bicycle accident lawyer at McCraw Law Group represents the interests of injured bicyclists in their claims against negligent drivers and their insurance companies. En Español.

Beginning the Bicycle Claims Process

It is a rare situation when a driver intentionally collides with a bicyclist. Situations like these will result in criminal charges in addition to any civil suits. Even extremely dangerous activities, such as excessive speeding or driving while intoxicated, are still not considered as causing intentional harm under the law. Thankfully, common law provides a means for people injured in accidents to hold the at-fault party responsible.

Almost all bicycle accident cases will fall under the legal umbrella of negligence. This means a plaintiff does not need to prove that the defendant intended to hurt them but rather that the defendant was acting in a way that was likely to cause injury.

All drivers have a responsibility, or duty, to protect other people on the road. Despite many drivers’ attitudes, this extends to bike riders. By violating the rules of the road and causing accidents, these drivers violate this duty and should be held responsible by a diligent Frisco bike accident attorney. Negligence law then says that the driver is responsible for compensating the bicyclist for their losses.

What Damages Could an Injured Cyclist Recover?

Potential damages in bike accident cases vary depending upon the severity of the accident and the plaintiff’s specific circumstances. One item that can be claimed is reimbursement for medical costs. All negligence claims require that the plaintiff have a physical injury, so these costs form the core of the claim. Ambulance rides, emergency room bills, x-rays, MRIs, and physical therapy sessions are all costs that can be recovered.

Many people take months to recover. During this time, they cannot work, are in immense pain, or even miss out on family time with loved ones. All of these combine to comprise the less precise portion of the damages claim. Skilled bicycle wreck lawyers in Frisco understand the true impact of these injuries on every aspect of a person’s life. We fight to obtain compensation for our clients for not just their physical injuries but also their mental anguish.

Steps to Take After a Bike Wreck

Anyone involved in a bicycle accident should immediately call the police. This ensures you receive the medical care needed but will also trigger an investigation by the police. This investigation is required to produce a report that is the investigator’s account of the accident. The report is a key piece of evidence in any case but is especially valuable if the driver is cited for a traffic violation.

People should also take care to follow their doctor’s instructions for recovery. Importantly, injured parties should take the time to return to full health. The doctor’s notes from consistent treatment are valuable pieces of evidence in proving the impact of the plaintiff’s injuries, and accurate billing statements make the claims process easier.

Call a Frisco Bicycle Accident Attorney Now

A Frisco bicycle accident lawyer at McCraw Law Group works to help injured cyclists with every aspect of their claim. In fact, once a person hires an attorney from our firm, they can no longer be contacted by the opposing side’s insurance company. Let us take care of the case while you focus on getting your life back on track. Contact our firm today.

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