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Suffering an injury at the hands of another can often be confusing and scary. On top of the list of things to do is make a full physical and mental recovery. Sadly, financial pressures from medical costs and lost time at work weigh heavily on injured peoples’ minds. The insurance companies are little help as their priority is to represent the interests of their clients and often shift blame for injuries onto the injured.

A Frisco personal injury lawyer is here to help. They can take care of the details while protecting your rights. Your capable personal injury attorney can attempt to devote the time and resources necessary in order to allow you to focus on your recovery. En Español.

Types of Accident Claims

Personal accidents do not just happen – they are caused by unsafe acts like speeding, failing to maintain a safe working environment, or selling harmful products. A seasoned injury claims attorney could represent Texans injured in the following types of accidents:

Categories of Potential Compensation

Depending upon the facts of the case, the potential routes for compensation can vary. All cases will allow plaintiffs to demand compensation for direct medical costs. This includes an ambulance trip, emergency room visit, chiropractor appointments, and any medications needed to make a full recovery. In addition to this, we need to look at the details of how the plaintiff was affected by the accident.

Did they lose time at work because of the incident? Are they now having nightmares because of what happened? How is the plaintiff’s family life doing after the injury? When considering the answers to these questions, a skilled attorney can identify a number of additional damages that a plaintiff may claim. These include:

  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of your physical contributions at work or home

Oftentimes, these injuries are difficult to place a dollar figure on. In these cases, a proactive personal injury attorney in Frisco could consult with economic experts to determine exactly how a person’s life was affected by the incident and what dollar figure constitutes appropriate compensation.

How a Frisco Injury Claims Attorney Could Help

Any person who is injured due to the action of another has the right to pursue civil damages. These can include not just the costs to bring a person back to health, but also compensation to cover any lost wages and mental anguish.

When the injuries were sustained in an accident, a negligence or premises liability claim may be appropriate. When the injuries were suffered in a criminal act, a plaintiff may file a civil suit in addition to any criminal prosecution that may be pending. A dedicated Frisco injury lawyer is here to help. They could examine all aspects of a person’s case to determine which course of action could provide the best chances for a positive outcome.

Consult a Frisco Personal Injury Attorney Today

A Frisco personal injury lawyer can provide a free consultation to anyone that has been harmed in a personal injury accident. The McCraw attorney team can help Frisco residents with financial recovery, even if that means filing a lawsuit and going to court. No fee are paid to the McCraw Law Group until you recover damages. This contingency fee scenario allows you and your family to focus on physical recovery while the McCraw Law Group works to settle your case.

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