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Negligence is the failure to act safely and carefully. When a person acts with negligence that causes severe injury, they should be held accountable. The experienced accident attorneys at McCraw Law Group have over 20 years of experience helping clients fight for the damages they deserve.

After a personal injury accident, physical harm and mental anguish are part of the financial recovery package. Many of our clients are unable to return to work, and these lost wages can also be calculated into a settlement. When you have been severely injured, a Prosper personal injury lawyer will work to protect your rights and demand justice for those responsible.

Areas of Practice in Prosper

A proactive Prosper injury attorney at McCraw Law Group will work closely with investigative professionals across many fields of accident study. Our connections with these specialists, combined with our experience in personal injury law, results in a team with the resources and knowledge to successfully represent clients with any of the following personal injuries:

Truck Accidents

Truck drivers and trucking companies have a variety of state and federal regulations to follow. These stringent rules were created for added safety on the roads shared by big rigs and passenger autos. Ignored regulations can result in destructive accidents and severe injuries.

Car Collisions and Motorcycle Accidents

Accident lawyers in Prosper, Texas represent many clients injured on the roadways of North Texas. Negligent drivers who choose to use cell phones, drink and drive, or ignore road signs should be held accountable for injuring those driving cars and motorcycles.

Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

The brain and spinal cord are part of the central nervous system – CNS – that coordinates all major bodily functions. Damage to the brain and spinal cord can result in serious physical and mental alterations that may not be reversible. Permanent damage is common, and dedicated personal injury lawyers in Prosper will seek to obtain clients the maximum financial recovery.

Catastrophic Injury

These types of injuries include major burns, blindness, amputations, and paralysis. Damages for medical bills and mental anguish top the list of expenses that should be recovered after suffering from a catastrophic injury. A person’s life can change forever, and McCraw Law Group is here to assist.

Product Liability

Consumers place their trust in the manufacturer and retail stores that offer products we use in our home, automobiles, and workplace. When a product malfunctions and causes harm, the liability for the accident can fall on the shoulders of every link in chain – from the product’s design and engineering, to the sale of the item.

Slip and Fall

Slips and falls are the two most common accidents caused by a property owner’s failure to comply with safety and maintenance standards. A fall injury can result in severe orthopedic damage, back pain, and head trauma.

Wrongful Death

If your family has suffered the emotional pain of a lost loved one in a wrongful death accident, our team of accident lawyers in Prosper can review the details and prepare a case designed to find justice for your family. Negligence that results in wrongful death should not go unpunished.

Call a Prosper Personal Injury Attorney for Help Today

All initial consultations are free of charge. If you have been severely injured in Prosper or the surrounding North Texas area, contact a Prosper personal injury lawyer at McCraw Law Group to schedule a free consultation.

When do you pay? Only if McCraw Law Group helps you obtain a financial settlement from the party at fault. With no fee upfront, this contingency arrangement allows our client’s financial freedom while we demand justice for your injury.

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