Prosper Bus Accident Lawyer

Prosper Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses offer travelers an affordable transportation option. But when a bus accident occurs, riders, pedestrians, and other motorists may suffer severe injuries.

If you were injured in a bus accident, you might have incurred serious physical injuries and monetary damages. You may benefit from contacting a qualified injury attorney. A Prosper bus accident lawyer could help you recover compensation for your injuries and hold the party that caused your injuries responsible.

Determining Liability for Bus Wrecks

Bus drivers are expected to operate their vehicles at reasonable speeds. However, the speed that is appropriate for a bus may not be the posted speed limit, due to the size and weight of the vehicle. When buses travel faster than what is prudent for the road, the driver might be liable for damages.

Motorbuses typically have large blind spots, making lane changes difficult and dangerous. Ordinary motorists may be broadsided by bus drivers who fail to check their blind spots. These individuals may suffer significant personal injuries and property damages because of the mistakes of the bus driver.

While bus operators are commonly the liable party in a collision, other parties could be found responsible as well. Should the vehicle have been defective, the bus manufacturers could be held liable for the crash. A seasoned Prosper attorney could help a bus crash victim determine who was at fault in the collision.

Modified Comparative Fault in Texas

Traffic accidents may have one responsible party, or several parties might share responsibility. Part of a jury’s job is to consider all evidence in the case and determine the level of responsibility that each person bears.

Per Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 33.003, each person named in the case will be assigned a percentage of liability. Texas follows the Modified Comparative Negligence Rule, meaning if an individual is less than 51 percent responsible for their injuries, they may seek damages. However, their total recovery will be decreased by their percentage of fault.

Statute of Limitations for Bus Crashes

Individuals who are harmed in bus accidents must file an injury claim within a certain deadline called the statute of limitations. Per T.C.P.R.C. 16.003, the statute of limitations for bus accidents across the state is two years from the date of the accident.

Failing to file a claim within the required period could result in the claim being permanently dismissed. A bus wreck attorney could ensure a Prosper individual files their claim in time.

Seek a Prosper Bus Accident Attorney for Guidance

The weeks and months following a bus accident can be trying for those who suffered injuries. On top of the physical and emotional injuries suffered by an individual, the financial toll can create additional stress. Fortunately, victims may have an opportunity to recover fair compensation for the full extent of their losses.

If you were injured in a bus accident, you could benefit from experienced legal counsel. A Prosper bus accident lawyer could help you hold the responsible parties accountable and fight for your right to recovery. Call a dedicated attorney today and schedule your first consultation.

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