Prosper Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Prosper Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycles have the same rights on the road as motor vehicles, but not every driver is prepared to share the road safely. Collisions between bikes and cars are far too frequent and can lead to severe injuries. If you have been injured, a personal injury attorney may be able to protect your legal rights and hold an inattentive driver accountable. Contact a Prosper bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible to learn more.

Texas Bicycle Law and Statute

Sharing the road with bicycle riders is more than proper etiquette – it is the law. Texas Statute Section 551.001 grants bicycles the same rights and duties as motor vehicles like cars and trucks. Drivers must yield to cyclists as they would any other driver.

Some limitations are specific to bicycles, however. Bike riders must ride as close to the right-hand curb as possible when traveling at a slower pace than passing traffic. Cyclists must also use bike lanes when they are available and move single-file when the room in a lane is limited. These regulations are designed with the safety of the cyclist in mind. Unfortunately, cyclists that follow every rule and regulation can still suffer injuries at the hands of careless drivers. When injuries happen, a Prosper bicycle accident lawyer could hold the careless driver responsible by filing an injury lawsuit.

What Constitutes a Viable Bicycle Accident Lawsuit?

When an inattentive driver collides with a cyclist, the cyclist is entitled to recover any damages suffered in the crash. But proving those damages is necessary for a lawsuit to proceed. Without damages, a plaintiff will not have a viable case, even if it is undisputed that a vehicle struck them.

The cause of the damages can vary. An experienced Prosper bike wreck attorney could file a lawsuit on a cyclist’s behalf if the cause of the damages were a negligent driver, a poorly-maintained road, or even a defect in the bike. The type of damages available depends on the facts specific to each case.

Medical Bills

An injured cyclist may seek compensation for any medical costs related to an accident. These costs may include emergency room bills, physical therapy, or follow-up visits. In addition to past medical bills, a lawsuit may also seek future medical expenses related to a bike crash, such as ongoing rehabilitation.

Pain and Suffering

The physical pain and suffering related to bike wreck injuries are also compensatory in a bicycle accident lawsuit. Because of their subjective nature, a cyclist may benefit from the help of a Prosper bicycle crash attorney when identifying the amount of pain and suffering damages sought.

Lost Wages

A severe injury can render many cyclists unable to work after a crash. If an accident results in time away from work, an injured cyclist can sue the person responsible for their injuries to recover those lost wages.

Call an Experienced Prosper Bicycle Accident Attorney

When you are recovering from injuries resulting from a bike crash, dealing with a negligent driver or their insurance company is a hassle. Let a legal professional focus your case while you focus on your recovery. Call today to learn how a seasoned Prosper bicycle accident lawyer could help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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