Prosper Truck Accident Lawyer

Prosper Truck Accident Lawyer

Injuries from a truck crash can change your life forever. The expenses associated with a lengthy hospital stay can be overwhelming, especially if you miss work due to your injuries, and the resulting strain could harm your social life and family stability. Thankfully, you have the right to file a lawsuit against a negligent truck driver for the injuries you suffered in a collision. Contact a Prosper truck accident lawyer to begin work on your case. Let a seasoned personal injury attorney fight for your rights.

Who are Potential Defendants in a Truck Crash Lawsuit?

Before a Prosper truck accident attorney files an injury lawsuit related to injuries from a truck accident, they must first identify the potential defendants. Accident lawsuits typically name the truck driver as a defendant, but there many parties that might be responsible for a crash.


In many cases, operator negligence is the primary cause of a trucking accident. Truck drivers frequently make mistakes behind the wheel that can lead to a crash. Examples include common moving violations like speeding, improperly merging, or failing to yield.

Fatigue can also play a significant role. There are strict regulations on the amount of time a truck driver may stay on the road without stopping to rest. Unfortunately, trucker compensation correlates to how quickly they arrive with the freight at their final destination, which leads some operators to violate those regulations.

Trucking Company

A plaintiff might also bring the trucking company into the lawsuit as a defendant. If the operator caused the accident while in the employ of a trucking company, the company may be held responsible for any injuries.

The owner could face liability in other circumstances, too. When a truck is packed improperly, it can affect the balance of the trailer and lead to the truck rolling. A trucking company that fails to pack or maintain a trailer properly could be found negligent.

Trucking companies are also required to exercise due diligence in their hiring practices. Failing to do so could lead to a claim for damages. For example, a trucking company could face liability if they hired a driver they knew did not have a license, and that driver caused a crash.


Some crashes are not the fault of the operator or owner. When a commercial truck or one of its parts is defective, it can have enormous consequences. An injured driver is entitled to file a lawsuit against any truck or part manufacturer if a defect caused the truck crash. Proving a defect can be challenging, but a Prospect lawyer experienced with truck accident cases could be able to help.

What are Sources of Compensation After a Truck Accident?

If a truck crash lawsuit is successful, a plaintiff may use the court judgment to collect damages from the responsible driver. However, commercial trucks are required to carry liability insurance. In most cases, it is the opposing insurance company that ultimately bears the costs of a lawsuit.

In many cases, the insurance company will attempt to settle right away after an accident. Unfortunately, insurance companies’ initial offers typically fall well below the actual value of an injury claim. It can be valuable to discuss any offer with an accomplished attorney before agreeing to a settlement.

Contact an Experienced Prosper Truck Accident Attorney Right Away

Truck crashes could cause severe injuries and result in extended hospital stays and periods of missed income. If you have questions about your Prosper truck accident claim and the process for recovering damages, contact a Prosper truck accident lawyer today to learn more.

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