Prosper Premises Liability Lawyer

Prosper Premises Liability Lawyer

Individuals who lawfully visit public and private spaces have a reasonable expectation that the property will not have any unexpected hazards. When the person responsible for maintaining the safety of a property fails to do so, this may lead to another person’s injuries.

If you were injured because of the negligence of a property owner, you might benefit from speaking to a seasoned injury attorney. A Prosper premises liability lawyer could help you seek damages for your injuries from the responsible party.

What are Recoverable Damages in Premises Liability Cases?

Medical care can be costly. Few people could afford to pay for the necessary hospital bills, specialists, and prescription drugs after their injury. Injured parties must consider accrued medical bills as well as future medical costs when seeking damages from a negligent property owner. Other economic damages that could be recovered include lost wages and the cost of property damage.

Harm done to an individual on another person’s property can take an emotional toll as well. In some cases, a jury will award damages for the pain, suffering, and trauma that a person experienced. These damages are called non-economic. A Prosper attorney experienced with premises liability cases could help an injured person calculate their total damages.

Proving Property Owner Liability

In premises liability cases, a victim will need to demonstrate that the defendant did not maintain a reasonable level of safety on the property. First, they must show a jury that the defendant had a duty to prevent the injuries from happening on the premises.

A victim must then prove the defendant breached this duty, directly leading to their injuries. A premises liability lawyer could argue the Prosper victim deserves compensation from the property owner for these injuries.

Who Can File a Premises Liability Claim?

Each visitor is given different protections under the law, dependent on their reason for being on the property. Persons who are invited onto the property by the landowner are known as licensees, such as a guest or friend, and invitees, such as a customer. Licensees and invitees both must be warned of any potential hazards on the property.

However, trespassers are not afforded the same protections as licensees and invitees. The law only stipulates property owners must not cause them deliberate harm. A premises liability attorney in Prosper could gather the evidence to prove the victim was invited to the property and not informed of any danger.

Per Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 95.003, independent contractors working on someone’s property do not have the same protections as licensees or invitees. An independent contractor may only seek damages if a proprietor fails to disclose serious hazards on the property or requires a job to be done in a way that could cause injuries.

Statute of Limitations

Under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 16.0003 Civil Practice and Remedies Code 16.0003, claimants have two years from the date of the injury to file a civil claim. Failure to meet this legal deadline could result in the case being dismissed by the court.

Contact a Prosper Premises Liability Attorney Today

When you visit an acquaintance or patronize a business, you should be able to enter the grounds without fear of injury. A property owner failing to disclose hazards not only constitutes a breach of duty but also causes a breach of trust.

To recover damages and avoid subsequent problems, contact a Prosper premises liability lawyer immediately. In addition to providing seasoned legal advice, an attorney may also provide you peace of mind after your accident. Call today.

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