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Personal injuries of any kind can be a stressful and life-altering event. They also can incur costly medical bills and other expenses, adding to the stress of recovery. A McCraw Law Group Allen personal injury attorney can help victims of accidents and injuries who should not have to worry about these expenses while recovering from their injuries.Allen Injury Attorney

We pride ourselves in diligently representing accident and injury victims in various areas. Our knowledgeable attorneys have over 20 years of experience in personal injury cases. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or accident, call us today to schedule a free consultation.

Allen Injury Attorney Practice Areas

Accidents aren’t just incidents that happen out of bad luck. They are usually caused by bad decisions of others, such as other drivers or employers.  They can happen to anyone and are more common than many think. We often see injuries and accidents around us and think, “That couldn’t happen to me.” However, many are surprised to learn accidents are more common than they think.  A driver deciding to check that text message, an 18 Wheeler deciding to beat that light, an unqualified doctor trying to fix a bowel nick during surgery, a manager deciding not to fix a leaking refrigerator in a grocery store—all can cause life-altering or even life-ending injuries

Below are examples of the accidents and injuries our Allen personal injury lawyers represent:

Car and Motorcycle Accidents. Any car accident can cause injuries, sometimes even long-term injuries. It doesn’t take a severe accident to cause troublesome injuries, and insurance rarely covers all harms and losses. Oftentimes, legal action is required for total financial recovery in an auto or motorcycle accident.

18-Wheeler Accidents. Due to their larger size and heavier weight, accidents involving passenger vehicles and big rigs can easily be severe or even fatal. There are strict federal safety standards that 18-wheelers must adhere to, but drivers do not always follow these standards. A knowledgeable attorney can identify these standards and determine if your accident was caused by a big rig driver’s not following required safety rules and regulations.

Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries.  Spinal cord or brain injuries require special attention from seasoned lawyers. These injuries are often devastating.  Persistent cognitive effects from brain injuries can destroy careers, independence, mental health and sometimes even physical health.   Spinal cord injuries can affect function of limbs, can create intractable pain and even cause paralysis. Medical expenses in spinal cord injuries can be costly and are sometimes lifelong.  A well-qualified Allen injury attorney can work to recover to help you recover from these devastating injuries.

Catastrophic Injuries. Any life-changing injury or accident resulting in long-term or permanent damages and recovery are considered catastrophic. Generally, those involved in rehabilitation, multiple surgeries, and monthly medical attention for their injuries belong in this category. Catastrophic injuries also cover amputation, back and spine injuries, burns and vision loss.  These injuries take experience, financial resources, and a tough resolve to prepare for and to prosecute.  Our attorneys have been prosecuting these types of cases for people in the greater Allen area for decades and would love to help you should your family need our help.

Wrongful Death. Wrongful death accidents are an incredibly stressful event for family, friends, and loved ones.  Unexpected deaths can cause all kinds of trauma as the survivors adjust to life without their loved one’s love, encouragement and frequently, without their financial support.  Our Allen accident lawyers in can assist you through this difficult time and offer professional and supportive representation.

Product Liability. Although manufacturers are supposed to put their products through rigorous design safety testing before distributing them to the public, some do and some do not.  In addition, sometimes manufacturing mistakes can cause even well-designed products to harm the intended user of the product or even a bystander.  When these preventable injuries occur, manufacturers can and should be held accountable for these injuries.

Premise Liability. Have you ever seen an unattended spill in a store and thought “someone is going to slip on that?” Businesses have a responsibility to take care of their sidewalks, parking lots, walkways, and other areas around their property where people frequent. Tripping or falling on a business property lead to an injury claim in certain limited circumstances.

Benefits of an Allen Personal Injury Lawyer

Allen injury attorneys represent individuals who are suffered personal injuries. We offer superior service and quality legal counsel to victims who seek compensation for their claims. We work hard to protect our clients as we understand how devastating injuries can be.

For this reason, we offer free consultations with no fees up front. We are decided to helping our clients with financial recovery. No fees are ever paid unless our clients are able to recover damages.