Carrollton Personal Injury Lawyer

Carrollton Personal Injury Lawyer

You may not think about being hurt in an accident while going about your normal routine, but accidents occur every day. A motorist could crash into you on your way to work. You could slip and fall at the grocery store because someone left liquid in an aisle. A neighbor’s dog could bite you.

Accidents are life-altering and can be costly. You will rack up medical bills, and you may not be able to work, compromising your household’s financial status. Your future may appear uncertain because someone else put you in this position. That is where our determined attorneys take up your cause. If you suffer harm at the hands of a negligent person, a Carrollton personal injury lawyer could negotiate or litigate on your behalf.

Personal Injury Is Based on Negligence

When a party or entity acts irresponsibly, a tort claim for negligence may be the solution for someone injured because of it. Everyone has a duty to act responsibly, but if a person fails to act as a reasonably prudent person would and causes injury to another, the at-fault party should compensate the injured party. Examples of personal injuries that may satisfy the criteria for negligence include:

  • Two cars collide, and one motorist is driving under the influence of alcohol
  • A retail grocery store manager allows spilled liquid to remain on the floor, and a customer slips, falls, and is injured
  • A guest tumbles down a condominium building stairwell that is unlit
  • A construction worker who did not receive safety training or fall-protection equipment falls from a scaffold

Personal injuries frequently occur, and those who fall victim should be compensated for their injuries by the negligent parties who cause them. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Carrollton could review the circumstances of a specific case and recommend a course of action.

The Statute of Limitations

According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Section 16.003, most injured people have two years under the statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim. The clock begins ticking on the date of the incident. Exceptions apply if the victim is a minor, injuries cannot be discovered until later, or injuries result from medical malpractice, among others. A diligent Carrollton personal injury attorney could ensure all relevant filings are made promptly and within the limitations period.

Texas Modified Comparative Negligence Law

Texas is a modified comparative negligence state, which means victims partially responsible for their accident can still be awarded compensation if they are not more than 50 percent at fault. In Texas, we refer to this generally as the “51 percent rule.”

The jury will assign a percentage of guilt to all parties, and an injured person’s damages award will be reduced by the percentage they contributed to the accident. If an injured plaintiff is found to be more than 50 percent liable for the incident that caused their injuries, they cannot be awarded compensation. To discuss the specifics of a particular case, retain the services of a seasoned Carrollton injury lawyer.

A Carrollton Personal Injury Attorney Could Fight for Your Rights

Personal injury cases involve any party who fails to act as a reasonably prudent person would, resulting in someone else’s harm. Personal injuries occur every day in myriad situations. If you are injured, you may miss work and accrue astronomical medical bills. Our dedicated team of attorneys can help by fighting for compensation from the person responsible or their insurance company.

You have one chance to secure your future after an accident. Do not go at it alone. Our skilled legal professionals can negotiate or litigate with your future in mind. A Carrollton personal injury lawyer is ready to help. Call today to set up an initial consultation.

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