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Many personal injury accidents cannot be avoided, whether those accidents result from another’s mistakes, moments of negligence, or even occasionally intentional harmful acts.
When one of these actions causes a personal injury, the at-fault party can be held civilly liable. A Melissa personal injury lawyer represents our clients harmed due to another’s actions with compassion and respect. Personal injury attorneys fight in pursuit of compensation for any damages suffered by clients so that wrongdoers may be held accountable and our clients can recover for expenses from their injuries.

Accidental Injuries

Most personal injury cases arise from accidents, things people do every day that can unknowingly place them in jeopardy of injury. Any such situation can be the factual basis for a personal injury lawsuit if it causes a physical injury.

Accidental personal injury cases are usually pursued using the legal theories of negligence or premises liability. The exact requirements for these causes of action differ, but they share a few common threads.

All defendants in these cases must have had a responsibility, or duty, to care for the plaintiff. They must also have done something or failed to act in a way that caused the plaintiff to come to harm.

A Melissa personal injury attorney investigates all claims to determine what duty was owed to their client given that client’s specific situation and whether the defendant’s actions or inactions violated this responsibility.

Intentional Injuries

People can also be harmed due to the deliberate actions of others. Most often, this occurs while a crime is being committed, such as assault and battery or a robbery. Because these acts are considered criminal under Texas law, they should be immediately reported to the police. This may result in the defendant being charged in a criminal court.

These proceedings are related to the injuries but are handled entirely separately from any civil claim. The criminal courts exist only to punish a guilty defendant and are not used to financially compensate a victim. Even if a defendant is convicted of a crime for battery, the injured person must pursue a separate civil claim if they wish to collect monetary damages from the defendant.

Potential Forms of Compensation

Both accidental and intentional injuries share categories of potential compensation. These include direct payments for medical bills, ambulance trips, and physical therapy sessions. These are damages that are economic in nature and easy to quantify.

There are also payments that are intended to compensate the plaintiff for mental suffering. Mental trauma, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of time with loved ones are all possible categories of compensable damages. Every case is unique, but our Melissa personal injury attorneys can delve into the details of the injury and its effects on our clients to determine what level and type of compensation are feasible.

A Melissa Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Today

Suffering a personal injury can throw your life into chaos. If the injury is the result of an accident, you may need to consider how to pay for medical costs, deal with insurance companies, and plan for how to account for lost wages. When the injuries are the result of a crime, you may need to meet with law enforcement and endure a mentally taxing criminal trial as a witness.
Melissa personal injury attorneys are here to make these difficult times a little easier. We focus on the details, handle the complicated paperwork, and provide peace of mind so that our clients can focus on what is important in their lives. All the while, we keep the full value of their cases in mind when considering settlement negotiations or filing full lawsuits.
All cases are subject to time limits as to when they may be filed in court, so don’t delay—contact a Melissa personal injury lawyer today.

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Great Job
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