Melissa Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Melissa Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Most personal injury cases involve an injury from which a person makes a full recovery. While still significant, these cases may have a temporary negative impact on a person’s life and should eventually heal. More serious cases may involve injuries that leave a permanent negative effect on a person’s life. These are catastrophic injuries. A catastrophic injury can be the result of any type of accident or criminal act making the groundwork for a claim no different than any other case.

Contact an experienced attorney to learn more. A Melissa catastrophic injury lawyer could work to hold the responsible parties liable for their actions and to recover the compensation the victim deserves.

Defining a Catastrophic Injury

A catastrophic injury is a term used to identify a sort of injury that may have a permanent effect on a person’s future. It does not matter how the injury occurred or whether it was the result of an accident or criminal act. The only determining factor is the extent of the injuries.

Prominent examples of these injuries include:

Any claim for a catastrophic injury may include extensive medical bills for past treatment but must also account for future expenses and future care needs. Speak with a Melissa catastrophic injury lawyer for more information.

Associated Factors

Since a catastrophic injury focuses on the result of the injury rather than the circumstances that caused it, these injuries can happen at any time and from any event. Therefore, catastrophic injuries are the result of any incident that can cause a minor injury. Some common examples of these incidents include car accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, assaults, and sexual abuse.

These injuries can be the result of both accidents and intentional actions. When the injuries are accidental, it does not let the at-fault party off the hook. By using the legal concept of negligence, plaintiffs may demand compensation from defendants when their careless actions led to an injury. However, this only applies when the defendant had a duty to care for the plaintiff prior to the accident.

This duty exists in all motor vehicle accidents or whenever a person is a visitor on someone else’s property. The main issue in these cases is what steps the defendant took to protect the plaintiff.

Catastrophic injuries can also result from intentional, criminal activity. In these cases, is likely that the defendant may be facing criminal charges as a result. Potential plaintiffs should remember that no matter the result of the criminal case, the criminal court is powerless to order the defendant to pay the plaintiff any money. To obtain compensation, an individual must pursue a separate civil trial.

Contact a Melissa Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

A catastrophic injury may have a permanent effect on a person’s quality of life and wellbeing for the rest of their lives. As such, any civil case alleging catastrophic injury must be thorough.

A Melissa catastrophic injury lawyer could work with individuals starting from an initial consultation to discuss their goals, develop a plan to meet them, and execute those plans. Whether an injury was the result of an accident due to another’s negligence or was due to a criminal act, people have the right to seek compensation. Let an attorney take the lead in the fight to hold people responsible for their actions. Contact an attorney today.

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