Melissa Child Injury Lawyer

Melissa Child Injury Lawyer

While it is expected that children will suffer some minor injuries as they grow up, if a child is injured by another person’s negligence, that individual should be held responsible for the costs associated with the injuries. A skilled local attorney could put together a strong claim for damages that could help the child and their family recover from the incident.

If your child was harmed by another’s misconduct, do not hesitate to seek legal guidance. An experienced Melissa child injury lawyer could help you hold the negligent party financially accountable.

Common Ways Children Are Injured

People are generally expected to take reasonable precautions to prevent injuries to children. When a person’s negligence causes a minor harm, a civil claim may be necessary to hold them financially responsible. Certain situations more commonly lead to child injuries as a result of another’s negligence. These situations include, but are not limited to:

When these accidents are the result of the carelessness or recklessness of another, an experienced child injury lawyer in Melissa could assist the child’s parents in seeking financial recovery.

How are Civil Cases Involving Minors Unique?

Due to the fact that children are under the age of 18, they are not legally allowed to file a lawsuit themselves. Instead, parents are permitted to file a lawsuit on their behalf to help the child and family recover for the damages caused by the defendant’s negligence.

Notably, the law also allows for a child to file a claim on their own behalf once they reach the age of majority. However, this is often not recommended as evidence can quickly disappear, making it more difficult to prove their case.

Parents are likely to face financial hardship related to their child’s injuries. Medical treatment is expensive and can quickly pile up. Catastrophic injuries could also require a parent to take time off of work to help their child recover. These costs add up fast, and a personal injury claim could take into consideration the losses suffered by the parents as well as the child.

Financial Compensation for an Injured Child

Financial compensation may be available to claimants who can successfully prove that a defendant was negligent and directly caused injury to the child. This compensation is intended to make the child and their family whole following an accident by taking into account their financial and human losses.

A well-rounded damage award could include economic damages such as past and future medical bills, costs of rehabilitation, as well as lost income and earning capacity if the parents are required to take off work or if the child will be left unable to financially sustain themselves. Non-economic damages could include pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and wrongful death.

Schedule a Consultation with a Melissa Child Injury Attorney

Every child who is injured by a negligent defendant deserves to have their case considered by a skilled attorney. These personal injury cases can help both the injured child and their family get their lives back on track following an accident.

An experienced Melissa child injury lawyer could review your case to determine how to best move forward with your claim. Call today to set up your initial consultation for free.

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