Plano Defective Products Lawyer

Plano Defective Products Lawyer

Unsafe products exist in every market despite many regulations designed to keep them safe. A company must exercise reasonable care to put safe products onto the market, and when they fail to do so, that negligence could form the basis of a successful product liability claim.

Filing a civil lawsuit could help you recover your damages resulting from using or attempting to use an unsafe product. An experienced Plano defective products lawyer could help you seek the compensation you deserve, so do not hesitate to reach out to a local injury attorney today.

What Goes into Defective Product Lawsuits?

This type of claim is intended to hold a negligent manufacturer of a product responsible for trying to sell an unsafe and defective item to consumers. When products do not work as intended, the result can be extremely harmful to the person attempting to use it. If the manufacturer’s negligence caused a product’s defect, a successful civil lawsuit could require them to reimburse the injured party’s damages. Recoverable damages after someone is injured by a defective product may include medical bills, time lost at work, and pain and suffering.

Filing a Product Liability Claim in Plano

Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.012 governs all products liability claims in Texas. Cases under state law may involve strict liability, negligence, breach of warranties, misrepresentations, or more. A thorough understanding of this law and several others is key to a successful defective product claim.

Hiring a skilled product liability attorney who is familiar with the relevant statutes is crucial. The right legal strategy can make a significant difference in the outcome of a claim, and every case deserves a customized approach based on individual facts and circumstances.

Manufacturing Defects

The manufacturing process for a product has to operate smoothly and correctly to yield safe results. Discrepancies and negligence in the manufacturing process can result in dangerous and defective products. Employee mistakes or an improper mechanical process could make an item unreasonably dangerous. Unsanitary manufacturing conditions for food or medicine can lead to extremely serious and harmful symptoms for unsuspecting consumers.

Design Defects

Some products are designed in a way that makes them inherently defective from the onset. Even if a poorly designed item is manufactured to the proper specifications, the product will still come out defective. Product liability claims in Plano require expert testimony to prove the defective nature of an item’s design and to prove an alternative, safer design.

Marketing Defects

Certain products are dangerous even when they are designed and manufactured properly. If there are certain risks to using a product, the item must include proper warnings about known dangers to put the consumer on notice of the risks. When companies negligently fail to warn consumers, or intentionally avoid warning consumers to increase profit margins, they can be held liable for marketing defects.

Ask a Defective Products Attorney in Plano for Help

While these claims are complicated and require very specific types of legal evidence, a successful case can result in financial compensation for lost income, medical bills, pain and suffering, and much more. Let an experienced Plano defective products lawyer help fight for your right to compensation. Contact us today.

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