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Accidents that occur between motor vehicles and pedestrians are almost certain to be traumatic experiences. Even at low speeds, a collision can result in a person being knocked to the ground. Higher speed contact can result in severe injuries or even death. While it may seem that any collision between a car and a person will pl the driver’s fault, pedestrians have a responsibility to act in a responsible way as well.

An experienced attorney work with people who have been injured on foot to analyze their case and pursue appropriate compensation for any injuries. Contact a Plano pedestrian accident lawyer today.

Potential Injuries

People hit by cars are afforded no physical protection and are almost certain to suffer severe injuries. The impact alone is sufficient to result in broken bones, concussions, deep cuts and joint separations. But after the initial contact, a person is thrown to the ground and this serves to compound the injuries.

The damages suffered by the plaintiff can also stretch beyond the physical medical conditions. People may also suffer from, and thus may file claims for:

  • Lost wages from time missed at work
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of potential future earnings

Depending on the severity of the injuries, these damages may be more serious than even the most immediate physical traumas. In many situations, a plaintiff must make their settlement demands before the full extent of the damages is known. These situations call for projections from economists and actuaries to fully comprehend the extent of these injuries.

Plano pedestrian accident lawyers understand the immense impact that these accidents can have on people’s lives.

What Remedies Does Texas Provide for Injured Pedestrians?

Most collisions between cars and people are accidents. Because of this, all lawsuits that arise from these incidents are pursued under the legal theory known as negligence.

In short, negligence is when a person has a responsibility to care for another person. When that responsibility fails, and the protected person is hurt, the defendant is liable to pay for the damages.

In pedestrian accident cases, all drivers have a duty to care for all other drivers and other people found around the roads. This includes pedestrians. It is in determining if that duty was broken that most cases are decided.

In many situations, the driver is indeed at fault, especially if a pedestrian is using a crosswalk with a cross light. However, if the pedestrian is jaywalking, or the weather is so bad that a driver cannot be expected to have seen the pedestrian before contact, the situation becomes much more complicated.

Plaintiffs need legal representation who understands the nuances of negligence claims as they apply to pedestrian accidents. Individuals should contact a Plano pedestrian accident lawyer if they believe they could benefit from an effective legal counsel.

How a Plano Pedestrian Accident Attorney Can Help

Plano pedestrian accident lawyers possess this knowledge and work to gather evidence in support of injured individual’s claims.

But even the clearest examples of driver negligence may not result in a successful case for a plaintiff if the statute of limitations is violated. Simply put, this is a law that places a time limit on when a person may file a lawsuit.

According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 16.003 any claim for personal injury must be filed in court within two years of the accident.

The time limit can even be shorter in some instances.  Time is therefore of the essence in any pedestrian accident claim. Contact today to take a positive step towards receiving the compensation you deserve due to another person’s negligence.

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