Wylie Dog Bite Lawyer

Wylie Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog or animal bite can be quite traumatic. You may experience intense physical pain and emotional distress due to the incident. If your child was bitten, they may experience mental anguish. Whether the incident occurred at a park or in your own neighborhood, you may have a claim against the dog owner if they were not properly controlling their dog or dogs. Dog bite cases in Wylie can be complicated, however, an attorney could help. If a dog owner failed to control their dog, they should be held accountable for the injuries you sustained. A Wylie dog bite lawyer could help you pursue your claim. Our dedicated injury lawyers could use our experience to work to get the compensation you deserve.

Dog Bite Laws in Wylie

Under certain circumstances, a dog owner may be held liable for any injuries their pet causes. Liability in Texas is not based on the breed of the dog but generally follows the “one bite rule” and strict liability principles. The one bite rule means that a dog is technically allowed one bite or another act of aggression before their owner is held responsible. However, this rule is more of a guideline and may be different depending on the specific circumstances. There are occasions that the breed of dog is considered so dangerous as to impute knowledge to the owner that the dog may be dangerous to others.

The rule also focuses on whether the owner knew the dog might bite and whether they took precaution to stop the attack. An injured individual may be able to hold a dog owner liable if the owner failed to prevent dog bites.

Finally, in Wylie, there are animal ordinances regarding proper restraint of dogs. Dog owners are required to keep their dogs restrained by a leash or fence at all times. If a dog who is not properly restrained attacks someone, the owner could be held liable. A Wylie dog bite lawyer could assist an accident victim in assessing issues of liability.

Potential Compensation Options

Individuals who sustain injuries from a dog bite may have medical expenses stemming from the incident. Dog bites can result in cuts that require immediate medical treatment and can later result in permanent scars and life-threatening infections. An injured individual might be able to recover the medical expenses which they incurred due to the dog bite incident.

If the dog bite caused such pain or impairment that the individual could not go to work, they may have suffered a loss of income. Lost wages could also be a component of a comprehensive injury claim. Non-economic losses may also be recoverable. For example, an injured individual may get compensation for pain and suffering, mental anguish, and any loss of quality of life.

As opposed to medical expenses and lost wages, which are easily calculated based on documentation, pain and suffering and mental anguish may be difficult to evaluate. However, in some cases, these damages can be quite significant. A Wylie dog bite lawyer could provide detailed information about the damages applicable to a particular claim.

How a Wylie Dog Bite Attorney Could Help

If you were bitten by a dog, you may be able to seek compensation from the responsible owner. A Wylie dog bite lawyer could assist you in identifying the party responsible for controlling the dog and assembling the documentation necessary to support your injury claim. Speak to a compassionate attorney today to learn about your options.

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