A Proven Process

A Proven Process

At McCraw Law Group, we are organized to get proven results, faster. We have won premium payouts for thousands of clients, and this is the process we use to do that.

Many of these processes are chronologic but may sometimes overlap. Most cases settle without a lawsuit at the Demand and Negotiation phase, and most remaining cases settle at the Lawsuit- Mediation phase. Fewer than five percent of cases every result in a jury trial. Some cases will advance to the Lawsuit phase immediately when strategically advantageous. Some cases may be appealed at various phases which can lengthen the process.


During the Pre-Lawsuit Phase, McCraw Law Group will exhaust all efforts in establishing claims with responsible parties and insurance carriers, verifying coverages, policies and benefits available. 

Medical Treatment

As the injured victim, it is very important that you are receiving the care and treatment you need appropriate to the injuries you sustained in the incident. Following your doctor’s orders is critical to your recovery and potential settlement. 

Undergoing medical treatment, allowing medical providers to properly diagnose, treat, and determine prognosis of future care will take some time and depends on the severity of your injuries.

Our firm will check-in routinely on your progress learning the full scope of your injuries in preparation for demand and negotiations.

Upon client treatment complete or plateau, we will gather all medical, billing, and radiology records in admissible form, and request comprehensive reports and surgical recommendations and costs from providers, if applicable. We will further prepare a medical chronology of your medical treatment received. During this process we will also analyze and may obtain necessary experts for liability and/or damage opinions, if necessary.  

Investigational Work

We will perform investigations including crash analysis, background research, gather evidence such as incident reports, witness statements, video/photographs, preserve evidence necessary in proving your claim for injuries and damages. 

Demand Package

Once we have gathered the necessary documentation and evidence, our Attorneys will assess your case for potential case value. We will prepare a demand package to address liability claims, injury, and damage models, and present medical specials in the most compelling way to present to the insurance carriers. We will involve the Client along the way and all demands, offers, and negotiations will be discussed with the Client for consideration. If we can reach a settlement agreement, we will begin the settlement and closing phase. If we are unable to reach a settlement, we will analyze your case for a lawsuit.


If we are unable to resolve your injury case in the pre-suit phase, we will analyze your case for litigation and discuss the need for filing a lawsuit with you. 

File A Lawsuit

Once we agree to file suit, we will file a lawsuit immediately once negotiations fail. A timeline of the process will be discussed with the client in-depth.  

Please know that any time during the lawsuit phase, negotiations can resume. It is common for cases to resolve prior to or immediately after the lawsuit has been filed. 

Discovery Phase

Upon filing suit, we will have the responsible parties served. Once Defendant(s) have answered the lawsuit, we will begin the discovery phase. Discovery is a process in which we exchange written discovery to support your claims (discovery includes information and evidence from both parties to support claims and defenses). We normally

file with the Court our Client’s medical expenses in admissible form, along with other critical records. Following an exchange of written discovery, both parties will enter a scheduling order with the Court to set a jury trial date and establish other critical deadlines. 

At that time, we will begin depositions of parties and experts, if any are retained. 


Once depositions are completed, mediation will take place in attempt to negotiate and settle your case prior to trial. 

If successful, we will begin the settlement closing phase.


If your case does not settle at mediation, we will prepare for trial, try the case before a jury, and obtain a judgment.

Upon settlement reached, our firm will negotiate all terms of the settlement agreement. We will ensure that all judgments and settlement release agreements protect the client. 

We will negotiate liens, subrogation interests, letters of protection, and medical balances outstanding to enhance the client’s net recovery. 


Once releases have been signed and funds received, we will prepare a settlement disbursement.  The disbursement shows where every penny of the recovery will be disbursed.  After review and discussion with the client, we will disburse funds accordingly and provide the client with an electronic copy of their entire file.  Congratulations!  When we get to this point the representation is concluded.  

Client Feedback

We will want you to tell us how we did so we can continuously improve how we help you get proven results, fast.


McCraw Law Group

By building our practice one client at a time, we take great pride in our work as McKinney personal injury lawyers. We are honored to represent each courageous client with compassion, honesty and respect. As long as you are represented by this law firm in a contingency fee personal injury matter, you pay no attorneys’ fee until we are able to obtain financial compensation for you.

McCraw Law Group fights tirelessly for our clients. We are available to help you now, so please do not delay. Contact our McKinney personal injury attorneys to discuss your case in confidence and receive the legal representation you deserve.

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