Gloria Campos


Firm Administrator

Gloria Campos is a native of McKinney, Texas. Gloria has 21 years of leadership, managerial and field experience in personal injury matters. As the Company’s EOS Integrator, Gloria operates in a critical executive-level role, managing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the firm. She works closely with the entire organization ensuring compliance and expectations are met, and further has an incredible ability to teach and mentor those around her. Her passion and drive to help people who have been injured has been vital to those she serves. She takes every opportunity possible to support her attorneys and team members. One of her many qualities include her ability to be called to task and act. Her decisiveness and integrity makes her an effective leader and a steady force in our organization.

Gloria has an egalitarian approach and values the concept of leading by example. She believes in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. Gloria asks no more of her team than she would be willing to do herself. Her extensive knowledge and experience of the law, combined with her ability to build and manage a strong successful team is invaluable to the practice. Gloria empowers those around her, building a culture of trust, delivers honest feedback, shows empathy, fosters open lines of communication, and supports growth opportunities. She is driven in our purpose to protect and serve our clients, our families, and communities.

Gloria Campos
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