Anna Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Anna Bicycle Accident Lawyer

According to the Texas Transportation Code §541.201, bicycles are considered vehicles on the road, and cyclists, therefore, have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of cars or trucks. Often, motorists fail to treat bicycles as vehicles, which could lead to severe crashes that seriously injure or even kill cyclists.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, it is important to consult with an Anna bicycle accident lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney knows the specific rules that apply to bicycles and how they may affect your case.

Bicycle Laws in Anna

Drivers of motor vehicles must share the road with bicyclists. Drivers overtaking a bike must keep a safe distance, as they would with other vehicles. Motorists should also be mindful of bicycle traffic when opening their doors.

Bicyclists, on the other hand, should obey all traffic laws because they have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. Generally, they should ride reasonably close to the right edge or curb of the roadway and obey all traffic signals.

If someone fails to obey cycling laws, this may be used as evidence that they were partially or fully at fault for their bicycle accident and may negatively impact a claim. Anyone with concerns regarding bicycle laws and how they pertain to an accident should reach out to an Anna bicycle accident attorney for more information.

Determining Fault in Bicycle Accident Cases

According to the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, § 33.001, Texas has a modified comparative fault rule when determining who is responsible for an accident. This means that both the cyclist and the motorist could be found at fault or liable for an accident, depending on the facts of the crash.

Being partially responsible for the crash does not preclude a person from recovery. As long as the injured person is less than 50 percent responsible, they may still be able to recover compensation. However, any recovery will be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to them.

In the negotiation stages, if a claimant is partially at fault for the crash, the insurance companies may attempt to assign most of the blame to them, as they do not want to pay any compensation. They will use any amount of fault in an attempt to reject a claim. However, an experienced bicycle accident attorney in Anna could gather evidence to demonstrate why the injured person is entitled to compensation and help minimize their fault.

Let an Anna Bicycle Accident Attorney Help

Whether you ride as a competitor, a commuter, or just for fun, you could potentially end up in a cycling crash. If that happens, an Anna bicycle accident lawyer could advocate on your behalf to help you seek compensation for your injuries. Even if you have suffered a devastating injury, a skilled attorney could advocate for you to get the justice you deserve and help make your recovery process less stressful. Contact a lawyer today to set up your first consultation and get started on your road to recovery.

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