Anna Dog Bite Lawyer 

Anna Dog Bite Lawyer

As sweet and adorable as most dogs are, they can still inflict severe and even fatal injuries. Violence in canines could have many causes such as behavioral problems from overbreeding, participation in dogfighting rings and similar illegal activities, and owner abuse or neglect. If you or a family member recently sustained significant injuries  from a canine interaction, you may need to consult an Anna dog bite lawyer to learn about your legal options.

Attorneys in Anna, TX who work with dog bite cases could help in the aftermath of violent canine encounters and the resulting damages. Your experienced lawyer could help you file a claim and seek compensation from a negligent or cruel dog owner who could potentially continue to be a danger to others without legal action.

What Qualifies as a “Secure Enclosure” in Anna Texas?

According to Texas Health & Safety Code § 822.042, dogs should be kept in secure enclosures, or those featuring locked gates and fencing high enough to prevent escapes. These enclosures should include clearly-marked signage indicating the presence of a dangerous canine, such as a “Beware of Dog” sign. Additional state requirements include enclosed areas that cannot be accessed by anyone but the owner(s) and inspection by a local animal control operator. “Vicious” dogs are typically defined by Texas law as:

  • Those that have scratched or bitten residents before
  • Those that have killed livestock, fowl, or other domestic pets
  • Those that have attacked at least one person to the point of life endangerment
  • Those that have maimed other animals, resulting in serious injuries, ongoing impairments, or fatalities

Pet Owner Liability in Anna

Anna dog bite attorneys help clients determine whether they are liable in the event of violent canine encounters. If the individual attacked by a canine is more than 50 percent responsible for the injury, the owner may not have to pay damages under modified comparative negligence laws. However, if the owner knew the animal was dangerous, you may have a very good case. Texas residents who own dogs that are known dangers to the community become subject to criminal negligence penalties that could include fines as high as $10,000 and incarceration for up to 10 years.

An owner with a dog who has no previous history of violence is found liable only if the victim can prove negligence, such as providing evidence of earlier attack attempts or other knowledge that the dog was vicious or dangerous. An Anna attorney with dog bite experience may be able to gather evidence supporting this often-challenging liability claim.

Challenges in a Canine Attack Case

Texas law states that dog bite victims have up to two years to file claims and seek damages for past, current, and future medical costs, lost wages, disfigurement, emotional and psychological trauma, and general pain and suffering. Owners can also claim the attack occurred within the dog’s enclosure, prompting a justified assault. However, by working with an Anna dog bite attorney, victims may be able to fight these allegations that could decrease their financial recovery.

Consult an Anna Dog Bite Attorney Today

If you or a family member were injured by a dog bite, discuss your claim with an Anna dog bite lawyer to determine if compensation is possible. The attorney could review your case in detail to potentially establish liability and discover if the canine has a history of dangerous behavior. Call a compassionate legal team today to get started.

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