Anna Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Anna Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

While most pharmaceutical drugs have certain side effects that are known to the consumer public, other medicines can present dangerous and even life-threatening risks for patients. If you have suffered severe injuries from a harmful medicine, you may be eligible for monetary damages. An Anna dangerous drugs lawyer could evaluate your prospective claim and assess whether you have legal standing to seek compensation from the manufacturer. A dedicated personal injury attorney could stand up for your rights in court and fight to recover all civil damages owed to you.

Common Injuries Sustained from Unsafe Medications

A drug can become dangerous for several reasons. This can occur due to errors during manufacturing. Products that do not come with adequate consumer warnings can also pose a hazard to consumers. Most often, harm from an unsafe medication happens when the manufacturer fails to disclose specific side effects of the product.

A hazardous drug can cause mild side effects in some cases but often result in grave or even fatal harm, ranging from impaired cognitive function, anxiety, and depression to internal bleeding, cardiovascular problems, and strokes. An Anna lawyer can help an injured consumer seek compensation for their damages resulting from a dangerous medication. A successful dangerous drug claim can result in payment for the person’s hospital bills stemming from injuries, ongoing medical expenses, past and future wage loss, pain, and suffering.

Negligence in a Defective Drugs Lawsuit

Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to ensure their products do not pose excessive risks to consumers. Manufacturers of medications should also include sufficient warnings and instructions regarding the proper use of their drugs. If a pharmaceutical company releases a medication that is unreasonably harmful, defective, or improperly labeled, the manufacturer, distributor, laboratory, or physician who prescribed the medication can all be liable for a consumer’s injuries.

The drug company can be strictly liable if they distribute a product that carries an unjustifiable risk to consumers. An Anna attorney could examine all possible liability theories that may apply to someone’s dangerous medication claim and entitle the patient to damages.

What is the Statute of Limitations to File a Dangerous Medication Claim in Anna?

Every civil claim must be filed under the legal deadline set forth by the state. Failure to file a claim before this deadline runs out could result in a patient being permanently barred from recovery. Under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.012 a consumer has two years from when they become aware of their injury to file a claim against the drug company, or at most, 15 years from the original sale date for the specific product. An experienced attorney in Anna could review someone’s defective drugs claim and ensure the case is filed before the deadline expires.

Contact an Anna Dangerous Drugs Attorney Today

An Anna dangerous drugs lawyer could work diligently to recover just compensation from all liable parties involved in the manufacturing of a harmful medication. If your harm was caused by a defect or manufacturer’s failure to warn of potential side effects, you might be entitled to compensation. For more information about bringing a civil claim, contact our office today and arrange your free case consultation.

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