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McCraw Law Group Welcomes Attorney Referrals and Referral Partners

When you need a law firm you can rely on to take care of a complex personal injury case, McCraw Law Group is an excellent choice for attorney referrals. We actively accept catastrophic accident and injury case referrals from other law firms and sole practitioners.

We understand that complex cases require tremendous resources, time, funding and knowledge. Over the years, our legal team has developed close relationships with law firms throughout the nation who trust us with their case referrals.

We have the investigatory tools, trial experience and financial resources to help you achieve significant results for your clients and relieve your firm of critical tasks. Depending on your needs, our firm takes on straight referrals or works as a team with you in broad or specialized roles to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your clients.

Case Review for McCraw Law Group


I have been fortunate (some may say unfortunate) to have spent my life around attorneys, judges and those touched by the legal profession. I can say, without any hesitation, that I have never meet a more honest, sincere, dedicated and bright advocate as Lin McCraw. For 10 years, I have referred cases involving serious injury due to one’s negligence to the McCraw Law Group. And without fail, he worked cases in a manner that not only brought my friends and former clients the best results; but they left the experience feeling they were treated with respect and their opinions mattered.
I am proud to call Lin a friend and mentor. I will continue to refer friends family and former clients to Lin McCraw when they are in need of personal injury assistance.

by: H. M. “Chip” Jarvis


The McCraw Law Group is my go-to source for referring cases, when my case load is too much or a case is beyond my expertise. They have proven themselves as trusted advocates with a very reputable litigation presence that always gets great results. I highly recommend this firm.

by: Amy VanDeLoo


I have known Lin for over 25 years (don’t tell them that it is actually over 30, makes us seem really old), and during that time he has always demonstrated the characteristics of a good person, not just a good lawyer.
He is honest, loyal, hard-working and dedicated to making sure that folks are held accountable for their actions. In terms of trust, I have sent family members to him because I know that he will do the job, no matter the time required to see things through, even with smaller cases. Lastly, both the family members that Lin has represented, and other folks I referred to him all comment that Lin treats them with respect and as an actual person, not as a case or number.

by: Todd Ver Weire


I am an Ohio attorney for the last 36 years. I had a client with a serious Texas facial dog bite. The adjuster told me it was a “no liability case.” I referred the case in the McCraw Law Group and after litigation they were able to obtain a $300,000 policy limits settlement. Beside the fantastic result, the staff was friendly to deal with and kept me informed throughout the entire process. If you have a Texas personal injury case as a client or an attorney, Lin McCraw and his team are your go to choice. I would give them more than 5 stars but that’s all the stars that are available.

by: Charles Boyk


McCraw Law Group handles all types of serious personal injury law cases involving product defects, wrongful death, premises liability, defective drug litigation, brain and spinal cord injuries of all types trucking and commercial carrier injuries, motorcycle and automobile collisions, and claims denied because of Named Driver insurance policies.



At McCraw Law Group, we provide the experienced perspective of over two decades in the courtroom. We have taken on powerful corporations and insurance companies to obtain meaningful verdicts and settlements for our clients and greater public safety for everyone.

If you have a potential referral to discuss or are interested in associating with our firm, please contact us or call (972) 628-6426. We welcome your call, and look forward to discussing creative solutions and strategies to help you meet your clients’ needs and expand your practice.

We understand that a referral from our colleagues is the highest expression of credence and trust. When we take a referral, you may be confident that we do so with the highest level of integrity and dedication. We want our service to your client to enhance your professional reputation and will do everything we can to exceed expectations and enhance your relationship with your family, friends and clients.

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