Road Rage Is on the Rise in North Texas


The Dallas Morning News recently reported that road rage is on the rise in North Texas. While I share the assessment, I too have been unable to find reliable data to measure the extent of the problem. When asked specifically, the Dallas Police Department has confirmed at least 600 different road rage related motor vehicle accidents have occurred in Dallas since 2021 resulting in 12 fatalities. From what I can see driving on the highways in the Northern part of the metroplex, I suspect that similar statistics would be found throughout Collin and Denton Counties.

We are seeing it in injury situations all the time. Increased traffic, construction, and long commute times lend themselves to drivers making risky decisions and lend themselves to folks losing their temper potentially making life-altering or even life and death choices. Plan early and help diffuse these situations when you know you will be in stop and go traffic. Understand that folks are going to make rash decisions and drive as defensively as you can.

Don’t react when triggered. Reacting with rage does nothing to the other driver and potentially escalates the situation where you or anyone around you could be harmed. Show grace, give yourself plenty of time to run the gauntlet that traffic has become in North Texas and get there safely.

– John L. (Lin) McCraw, III, CEO/Managing Attorney