Collin County Truck Accident Lawyer

Collin County Truck Accident Lawyer

While truck drivers are typically safety-oriented and well-trained, large trucks may still disproportionately cause a considerable number of accidents on the road. Accidents may be influenced by driver fatigue, inexperience, and inattentiveness. All of these may contribute to the negligence at the root of an accident.

Truck collisions might be extremely dangerous. Their significant size and weight may make it difficult to maneuver or stop while traveling at a high speed. Vehicles – and their passengers – typically sustain much more damage in these crashes.

Anyone who has been involved with a truck accident should seek medical treatment before reaching out to a Collin County truck accident lawyer. A knowledgeable injury attorney may be able to protect you and your family’s legal rights so that you can focus on healing. En Español.

What Happens When a Truck Hits a Passenger Vehicle?

During commercial truck crashes, the passengers in the cars involved typically fare worse than the driver of the truck. Any resulting injuries may lead to long-term damage or require expensive medical treatment.

Burns, spinal cord trauma, brain damage, and the loss of limbs or senses could prevent an individual from ever fully returning to their normal life. With the help of a truck accident lawyer in Collin County, accident survivors may be able to obtain the compensation they need to cover their medical bills and other expenses.

Identifying Responsible Parties in Collin County

Similar to car accidents, the actions of multiple parties may influence a truck crash. While it may seem that the truck should carry the majority of the blame after an accident, parties may be responsible for creating the conditions that caused the accident. Allowing a seasoned lawyer to investigate a truck accident may help to identify multiple parties responsible. Survivors may increase the validity of the claim by demonstrating how multiple entities potentially share fault.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, the following parties could have played a role in causing a truck accident:

  • Trucker
  • Shipping company
  • Truck owner
  • Truck manufacturer
  • Cargo loading company

A shipping company holds a legal obligation to properly train employees and strictly adhere to safety regulations. If an employee does not demonstrate this knowledge, the trucking company may be liable for the damage an employee causes.

Truck manufacturers have an obligation to produce safe trucks and truck products. Crashes may be the result of mechanical error or failure. Injured plaintiffs may be able to file suit against the manufacturer. This may notably be true if the court determines a manufacturer sacrificed quality or safety to save time or money.

Learn More from a Collin County Truck Accident Attorney

After attaining proper medical treatment, you may wish to speak with a dedicated Collin County truck accident lawyer. It may be possible to hold the party responsible for your accident accountable for the harm they caused.

An accomplished lawyer could provide you with legal guidance so that you may decide how to proceed. After a free case review, they may be able to explain how negligence may have impacted the accident, the steps for filing, and any potential claims. Reach out to our offices today to take the first step toward healing.

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