Collin County Wrongful Death Lawyer

Losing a loved one is devastating. This is especially true if the death was avoidable and could have been prevented. When someone’s carelessness, negligent actions, or omission causes the untimely death of a loved one, the decedent’s survivors have a right to take legal action.

If your loved one passed away due to another person’s negligence, a Collin County wrongful death lawyer could help you understand all your legal options and decide on the best course of action for your unique circumstances. Speak to a compassionate personal injury attorney for the help you need.

Who Is Eligible To File a Wrongful Death Claim?

The decedent’s surviving parents, spouse, or children are eligible to file a wrongful death claim in Collin County. Children include dependent children as well as adult children and adopted children. However, it is important to note that surviving siblings may not file a wrongful death claim on behalf of a deceased.

If the decedent’s surviving relatives do not file a wrongful death claim within three months following the decedent’s death, then the executor or personal representative of the estate may file the claim. However, a surviving family member has the option to ask the executor or personal representative to not file the wrongful death claim for any reason.

The Statue of Limitations in Collin County

Under almost all circumstances, the estate must file the wrongful death claim within two years of the decedent’s death. If the survivor does not file a wrongful death claim within that two-year time frame, they waive their right to financial recovery.

A committed Collin County wrongful death attorney could work on the behalf of the decedent’s estate to ensure that all claims and documentation is filed within the statute of limitations for the state of Texas. This could give their claim the best chance of success.

Types of Compensable Damages in a Claim

When a loved one passes away in an accident that resulted from another person’s negligent actions or behaviors, the surviving family members may be able to pursue damages. In a wrongful death case, the decedent’s survivors may be eligible to recover monetary compensation for the following:

  • Present and future wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Survivors pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Survivors mental anguish
  • Lost inheritance
  • Loss of benefits

It is best to speak to a skilled fatal accident lawyer in Collin County to determine eligible damages the decedent’s estate could recover.

Contact a Collin County Wrongful Death Attorney

The loss of a loved one can be almost too much to bear especially when the death could have been avoided. Although compensation will not ease the pain of losing a loved one, it may help with any financial stress you may have due to the loss. If you lost a family member in an accident due to the negligence actions of another, a seasoned Collin County wrongful death lawyer could help.

Our seasoned attorneys could handle all the legal aspects of your case, allowing you time to grieve and mourn the loss of your loved one. Speak to one of our compassionate attorneys as soon as you are able.

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