Collin County Boat Accident Lawyer

Collin County Boat Accident Lawyer

People living in Collin County are surrounded by lakes which provide residents with countless opportunities for recreation. However, they can unfortunately result in devastating boating accidents when novice boaters make poor decisions and engage in reckless behavior, putting others at risk for serious injury.

If you sustained bodily injuries in a boat wreck, a seasoned personal injury attorney could aid you in your pursuit of justice. A successful civil claim not only could hold the at-fault party accountable, but it could also provide you with financial compensation for your injuries. Let a Collin County boat accident lawyer assist you with your claim from start to finish.

Common Injuries Suffered by Boaters

Boat crashes result in many of the same injuries that are common with motor vehicle collisions. However, these accidents also involve the added element of the threat of drowning, making any harm more dangerous. Some common boat crash injuries include

These boat accidents can have a devastating effect on a person’s life or livelihood. Serious injuries could result in permanent health complications, as well as potentially inhibit a person’s ability to make a living. Some injuries can lead to weeks or months away from work, while others can prevent a person from ever working again.

Fortunately, a successful boat wreck claim with the help of an experienced lawyer in Collin County could provide legal recourse for these damages. A claim could also seek compensation for a person’s lost wages, diminished earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

Who is Liable for a Watercraft Collision?

Generally, a local attorney handling a watercraft accident lawsuit may bring a claim against the other boater involved in the crash. While most boat crashes result from the negligence of another boater, there could be other responsible parties in these accidents.

The most common source of compensation in these accidents is insurance companies. Many boaters carry insurance policies that cover liability for collisions, and in some cases these policies could represent a claimant’s best chances for compensation. Unfortunately, there is no state law that requires boaters to maintain liability insurance. A Collin County lawyer could investigate potential sources of legal restitution in such cases.

There are some circumstances that could result in a watercraft owner facing liability for an accident even if they were not responsible for the crash. If a boat owner lends their vessel to a person they know is intoxicated or otherwise dangerous, they could face liability for any injuries that occur.

Some boat crashes occur due to something other than operator error. For instance, if the watercraft, or a part of the watercraft was defective, it could potentially lead to an accident. If these defects result in bodily injuries, a claimant could seek damages from the negligent manufacturer.

Reach Out to a Collin County Boat Accident Attorney Immediately

If you are living with the consequences of a boat collision, you could have legal options for restitution. A personal injury claim could allow you to seek financial compensation to cover your out-of-pocket expenses and compensate you for your physical and emotional suffering.

A Collin County boat accident lawyer could have the skill and experience needed to move your injury claim forward. Schedule an initial consultation today by calling our office.

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