Frisco Wrongful Death Damages

Frisco Wrongful Death Damages

The prospect of seeking civil compensation in the wake of a loved one’s death may understandably not be at the forefront of your mind, especially right after their unexpected passing. However, the purpose of a wrongful death claim is not to put a monetary value on your loved one’s life, but rather to ensure that you and your family do not have to go through financial struggles yourself because of another person’s negligence.

With that in mind, there are many different losses and expenses that a compassionate local injury attorney could potentially help you seek compensation for. Depending on your unique circumstances, Frisco wrongful death damages may include both economic and human damages sometimes called non-economic damages.

Economic Losses Stemming from an Untimely Death

It is important to differentiate between wrongful death cases and survival actions, as the two types of claims are broadly similar but have different purposes in terms of recovery. In a nutshell, a wrongful death claim seeks compensation for damages suffered by a decedent’s surviving family members, while a survival action seeks damages for losses the decedent suffered immediately prior to their passing.

There are numerous types of economic damages that an attorney could help a family in Frisco pursue through a wrongful death claim. In the short term, anything that a decedent’s surviving family members spent on their loved one’s funeral and burial/cremation services could be factored into a settlement demand or lawsuit, as could certain travel costs and medical expenses they paid on their loved one’s behalf prior to their death.

In addition, it may be possible to recover for the decedent’s lost earning capacity. In other words, the money they would have made through work or other sources of income had they not passed away prematurely. In the same vein, dependents and heirs could potentially seek restitution for the loss of future financial support and/or the loss of future inheritance.

What Non-Economic Damages Could Surviving Family Members Pursue?

Of course, unexpectedly losing a loved one due to another person’s negligent or reckless actions can have a substantial emotional impact on the surviving family members. Accordingly, a comprehensive wrongful death claim in Frisco should be able to factor various non-economic or human damages into a settlement demand or lawsuit.

Different members of the decedent’s family may be eligible to pursue compensation for different types of these losses. For example, a decedent’s spouse could potentially recover for loss of consortium and loss of assistance with household responsibilities, while virtually any family member could seek restitution for the loss of companionship, care, comfort, and love caused by the  fatal incident. Finally, compensation may be available for the emotional and psychological anguish that a deadly accident caused for the family members of a deceased individual.

A Frisco Attorney Could Work to Maximize Wrongful Death Damages

No matter what specific losses you wish to seek compensation for after a fatal accident involving a family member, you will almost certainly need professional help if you want to effectively pursue comprehensive recovery. Without guidance from a trustworthy and experienced injury attorney on your side, you may have a difficult time recovering what you and your family deserve.

Once retained, a qualified wrongful death attorney could work tirelessly on your behalf in pursuit of fair Frisco wrongful death damages. Get in touch today to learn more.

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