North Texas State Fair & Rodeo 2022

The McCraw Law Group was a proud vendor at the 94th North Texas Fair & Rodeo in August. There are about 200,000 visitors that attended across nine days of music, rodeos, livestock shows, and more. The North Texas State Fair Association is a non-profit organization that supports its community and surrounding areas by using the funds raised to reinvest into programs, scholarships, and facilities. 

The McCraw Law Group has locations across northern Texas and was proud to support an association that shares the value of investing in its youth and community. The association uses its funds to invest in Denton, Denton County, and other areas in northern Texas while working to preserve the western heritage and encourage the understanding of the agricultural industry. The fair and rodeo are just one way the North Texas State Fair Association gives back to its youth, agriculture, and community. 

The McCraw Law Group’s indoor booth was at 2217 N. Carroll Blvd. Denton, Texas 76202 while they participated in all nine days (August 19th-27th) of the fair and rodeo and hosted giveaways.