Plano Burn Injury Lawyer

Plano Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries are among the most severe, painful, and long-lasting injuries that a person can endure. Whenever these injuries are the result of another person’s negligence or intentional act, the injured person has the right to seek compensation.

An experienced catastrophic injury attorney understands how devastating these injuries can be. A Plano burn injury lawyer could work with victims to evaluate the proper legal theories, and demand damages from both settlements and court verdicts.

Cause of Burns

Burns are injuries that can happen at almost any time. Simple activities such as cooking can result in minor burns that heal quickly, but burns are also injuries that someone may suffer in car accidents, industrial accidents, or even assaults.

While most people think of burns as the result of a direct exposure to heat, there are many conditions that can cause these injuries. Exposure to electric currents can kill skin cells and leave permanent scarring. Harsh chemicals found in the workplace or even under the kitchen sink can also cause these injuries.

A lesser known source of burns is friction. Especially in motorcycle or bicycle accidents, a rider may fall from the seat and slide along the pavement. When this happens at a high speed, friction and heat can peel away the upper layers of skin and burn the deeper tissues.

Types of Burn Injuries

There are three classes of burn injuries. Each has their own symptoms, potentials for recovery, and treatment plans. Even the least severe of these injuries can form the basis for a lawsuit. First degree burns are the least serious. These are injuries to the top layer of skin that should eventually heal, but may result in scarring. Doctors will typically treat these injuries with topical creams and bandages.

Second-degree burns are the most painful of these injuries. These burns damage or destroy the nerves below the top layer of skin. Recovery from these injuries may be long and painful and could involve skin grafts in the most serious cases.

Third-degree burns are the most serious and can be life-threatening. Here, the skin is completely burned away, possibly to the bone. Oddly, these burns are less painful than second-degree burns since the pain receptors are totally destroyed. However, treatment can be complex since infections are common in the exposed tissue. Third-degree burns over large parts of the body are catastrophic injuries.

A qualified Plano burn injury attorney takes into consideration the severity of the injury when handling a case. A well-practiced attorney knows full and well how damaging these sorts of injuries are and the physical emotional toll it may have on a person. Speak with a capable lawyer today to learn more about how they could handle a potential burn injury case.

Who May File a Claim in Plano?

Individuals who suffer these injuries may demand compensation for not just their physical injuries, but also any mental suffering endured as a result. In cases involving third-degree burns, someone may also claim damages for permanent injuries.

It does not matter whether someone intended to cause the injuries. In fact, many of these injuries are the result of accidents. If someone can prove that the negligence of the defendant caused their injuries, the defendant may be liable, regardless of their lack of intent to cause harm. Contact a burn injury lawyer in Plano to learn more about filing a claim.

A Plano Burn Injury Attorney Could Help Obtain Compensation

Burn injuries are common in car accidents, industrial accidents, and motorcycle accidents. Whenever these accidents are the fault of someone else, the injured person may be able to recover damages.

A Plano burn injury lawyer could lead the fight against defendants’ insurance companies to settle claims for their full value. An attorney could understand the effects that severe burns could have on an individual’s future.

An attorney could help you demand compensation that may cover medical bills, mental anguish and any permanent effects of the injury. If settlement negotiations fail, a lawyer may be able to argue your case in court. Contact a seasoned attorney at McCraw Law Group today.

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