Length of a Plano Wrongful Death Case

Length of a Plano Wrongful Death Case

The duration of a wrongful death case depends on a lot of factors, many of which are outside of the control of the person bringing the case. Jurisdiction, a judge’s docket, and the exact nature of the death could all cause a case to be longer or shorter. If you have questions about the length of a Plano wrongful death case, consider reaching out to a lawyer.

Jurisdiction and Docket

One of the most significant factors affecting the length of a wrongful death case is the jurisdiction in which the suit is filed. In some courts, it can take many years to even get a first trial setting, which is something an attorney may consider when considering where to file the lawsuit.

In some larger counties, such as Collin, Denton, or Dallas, there are multiple judges who could review the case, although some are faster or slower than others. In other situations, a plaintiff may have an option to file the case in a small East Texas or West Texas community in which there is only one judge.

The lawyer may also want to learn about the judge’s docket. Previous cases will indicate how serious that judge is about setting trials and about keeping those trial dates to help people push toward settlement. Each of these factors will likely be discussed with the client so the client will have an idea about why the decisions that are being made are being made.

Type of Wrongful Death Case

The specific type of legal action can significantly affect the length of a wrongful death case. Different actions have different prerequisite requirements that can radically affect timetables. Preparing a medical malpractice case, for example, adds at least six months to the resolution of the case due to the necessity of medical expert witnesses. Another factor one has got to look at is the number of experts that are involved. The more experts on a case, the longer it is going to take, generally, to get all those experts deposed and have the case fully worked up.

Similarly, any case in which multiple defendants must testify will often experience delays. Scheduling depositions, especially for professionals, is daunting. The more professionals that have alleged negligence, the more attorneys that are involved in the case and the harder it is to schedule those depositions.

Hiring the Right Attorney to Avoid a Lengthy Wrongful Death Case in Plano

Perhaps the most important factor affecting the length of a Plano wrongful death case is the efficiency of your attorney. Some lawyers treat personal injury cases or wrongful death cases as a sideline hobby rather than a central part of their business. As a result, they may let litigation fall to the wayside while they pursue smaller, less time-consuming work. By hiring an experienced wrongful death attorney from a major law firm, you could better ensure that your case is taken seriously by lawyers and judges alike. When you are ready, reach out to schedule a consultation.

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