Wylie Burn Injury Lawyer

Wylie Burn Injury Lawyer

Severe burn injuries could cause long-lasting and even fatal consequences. When another person’s negligence causes a burn injury, that person may be held accountable for their careless and reckless actions. To successfully recover compensation for a burn injury, though, it is essential to prove that another person owed you a duty of care and subsequently breached that duty in a way which proximately caused you to suffer compensable damages.

With this in mind, it may also be crucial to retain a seasoned catastrophic injury attorney who is skilled at demonstrating negligence during civil litigation. A Wylie burn injury lawyer could help you pursue compensation for your injuries and hold the responsible party accountable for their actions by investigating your claim, collecting evidence, and arguing your case both in and out of court.

Common Types and Causes of Burns

A burn is a type of injury to the skin that may be caused by cold, heat, electricity, chemical exposure, or friction. Burns are defined by the severity of the injury, factoring in the depth, location, and area covered by the burn. The three types of burns are as follows:

  • First-degree – damage only to the outer layer of skin or the epidermis
  • Second-degree – damage to the outer epidermis, as well as the layer beneath known as the dermis
  • Third-degree – damage to the deepest layer of skin and tissues which could impact nerves, muscles, and even bones

There are numerous potential causes of burn injuries, each of which may bring unique challenges to a victim. Some of the most frequent causes of burn injuries include:

Regardless of the cause, when another individual’s negligence causes a burn injury, that person may be held accountable through a personal injury claim. An experienced Wylie burn injury attorney could work to prove a defendant’s responsibility in court on behalf of the burn victim.

Recoverable Damages in Wylie

When a burn injury occurs, the consequences may extend beyond short-term physical damage. Depending on their severity, burn injuries could result in serious long-term complications, including scarring, loss of mobility, nerve damage, and ongoing pain.

Fortunately, injured individuals may be able to recover compensation for all the harms and damage they have endured, including medical costs, lost income and wages, and costs associated with rehabilitation and surgical procedures. However, there is also often a psychological element to severe burns, and many individuals report feelings of depression and anxiety as a result of their burn injury.

Accordingly, injured individuals may also be able to recover compensation for their human losses like pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium. A knowledgeable burn accident lawyer in Wylie could help an individual determine the types of damages they may be eligible to recover for in their particular case.

Contact a Wylie Burn Injury Attorney for Help

If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to the negligence of another, consider contacting a Wylie burn injury lawyer for help holding the responsible party accountable. You may be able to recover restitution for the costs of medical care and surgical procedures, as well as for your pain and suffering. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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