5 Ways to Locate a Hit-and-Run Driver


Exclusively written for our site by Jade Quinn.

Injured In a Hit-and-Run Accident? Here Are 5 Tips to Locate the Responsible Driver.

Being involved in a car accident can cost you a lot of money and time. Costs can range from a few hundred dollars for a broken windshield to hundreds of thousands in damages, medical bills, and loss of wages. If the person responsible for the accident is not insured, these costs can be life changing. This is one reason why the number of hits and runs is on the rise, with one occurring every 43 seconds in the U.S.

Every accident should be reported so that those involved can be compensated accordingly. Hit-and-runs complicate this process and have detrimental effects on injured drivers. This makes it important to take steps to find the responsible party.

1. Approach Eyewitnesses

Witnesses such as bystanders and fellow drivers may have been able to get important details about the vehicle and driver. These details include the license plate number, car model, color, or details that will assist in locating the driver. Drivers sometimes have a dashboard camera that may have captured the incident, which will not only serve as a tool to find the hit-and-run driver but can be used as proof that they have caused damages. This will be useful when reporting the event to the police and seeking legal help.

2. Get the Police Involved

Report the event to authorities immediately. They have the latest technology and resources to tend to incidents like these. Officers are now using smarter tools like advanced facial recognition software to help with their investigations. If the police can collect surveillance footage, they’ll enter it into a program that suggests a list of people that match the facial features of the suspect. With this technology, the investigator can inspect the results for a likely match. This is a great aid in identifying the person responsible for damages and possible injuries as a result of the hit and run.

3. Contact Nearby Homes & Businesses

Establishments and homes in the vicinity of the crash may also have witnesses who were not able to come out right after the incident. They can provide more information. They may also have footage from their own surveillance cameras to share with you and law enforcement. However, not every witness might cooperate. It’s best to send over a formal letter of request stating what footage you need and what it is for to increase your chances of getting the evidence you need.

4. Request Support from Government Agencies

The Department of Motor Vehicles may locate the driver if a license plate number is provided. They have a record of the registered plates for each vehicle, as well as its owner and address. Similarly, crashes can also be reported to the Texas Department of Transportation online or through the mail. However, it is still important to report the license plate to the authorities.

5. Seek Assistance from an Experienced Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in a hit-and-run accident, contact a skilled car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Getting compensation for damages and injuries acquired during the crash is just as crucial as locating the driver. A legal professional can work with you to get the care you need while searching for the other driver.

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