Car Accidents are the Leading Cause of Death Among Healthy US Citizens

Car Accidents are the Leading Cause of Death Among Healthy US Citizens

I have a confession to make.  When it comes to facts, figures and statistics, I am a real nerd.  It seems throughout my whole life I have been looking for facts that contradict or support theories or statements that we all take as true.  Contradicting beliefs with facts can push us forward at times.  Other times, confirming beliefs with facts can help keep us safe.

I recently read a blog on car accident statistics.  I am always looking for interesting facts to share with you to keep road safety on the top of your mind.  This blog by Carsurance is particularly good, citing a whole host of relevant facts about motor vehicle collisions and car wreck safety.

Did you know that car accidents are the leading cause of death among healthy US citizens?  Now you do.  Did you know that despite improvements in automobile safety features, the number of people seriously hurt or permanently injured in automobile wrecks continues to rise?  It does.

Texas is a leading state when it comes to fatal automobile wrecks.  We have more than our share of the 40,000 fatal car wrecks occurring in the United States on Texas roads and highways.  90 Americans each and every day die in automobile crashes.  The blog makes a good point that bears repeating: with yearly costs of traffic accidents estimated to be $871 Billion Dollars, you really cannot afford to be on the road if you are not adequately insured.

Many times, I have had occasions (often after the fact) to talk to clients about insurance coverages and their particular situation.  I always recommend that my clients discuss their whole protection plan with a professional, an insurance agent, and their own financial planner.  You should listen to them, but while listening, evaluate the advice through this filter:  Everyone needs some underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage.  Generally, the more you can afford, the better.  The same advice holds true for PIP, or personal injury protection.  Do not allow an agent to sell you Med Pay insurance in the place of PIP. Med Pay requires that you pay back the money from any recovery you make against a third party.  If someone harms you in a car or truck accident, you will not want to allow your insurance company to get repaid before all of your injuries are compensated.  PIP is good for the consumer and bad for the insurance company.  Med Pay is good for the insurance company and bad for the consumer.

Finally, because up to half of the drivers in Texas have no insurance at all if they harm you, it is up to you to make sure that you are insured against serious financial losses from car wrecks.  Don’t become a statistic.  Drive carefully, and protect yourself from both physical harm when possible and from financial harm when injuries are inflicted upon you.

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