Why Not to Say “I’m Fine” After An Accident

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Each year, millions of Americans are injured in accidents. These mishaps most commonly occur at home, on the road, or at your place of work. No matter where the accident takes place, it is vital that the nature of your injuries is carefully and accurately documented.

This documentation will help build a case for your personal injury claim against those responsible if your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence. One of the most important aspects of the case will be your visit to medical providers. The conversations you have and words you use with your doctors should be chosen carefully after an accident to make sure there is no later confusion about your injuries and how they were obtained. How can you be sure that your injury is properly documented?

Medical Providers

There are many types of doctors and medical providers that you might visit after an accident in McKinney. These are some of the different types of professionals that you may find yourself seeing:

  • General Practitioner. Known as internists, these doctors treat a wide variety of adult conditions. Internists will often refer you to a specialist for serious injuries.
  • Orthopedist. Specializes in broken bones.
  • Surgeon. Specializes in a wide variety of surgical operations.
  • Neurologist. Studies brain injury and disease.
  • Chiropractors or Physical Therapist. Help the body recover from serious sprain/strain injuries to the neck, back and other parts of the body and help to recreate a healthy alignment of the spinal column.

“How are you feeling?”

It is very common across the South for someone to ask, “How are you feeling?” The socially accepted answer to this is, “I’m fine.” However, if you have been injured in an accident, be very careful how you choose your words with your medical providers.

From the general practitioner to an orthopedist, when a doctor asks how you’re feeling, he or she is asking for a specific medical response. In this specific incident, answering with “I’m fine” can indicate that you are well and not suffering from an injury.

Attorneys for insurance companies have used the “I’m fine” response to build a case against providing compensation to the injured party. How can you avoid this misstep?

Be Specific and Complete

When your medical provider asks about your physical condition, be specific with your answer. It is important both for your treatment and for your case. The McKinney injury attorneys at McCraw Law Group want you to receive proper care and proper compensation, and doing so starts with determining all of your injuries and the extent of medical treatment needed. Here are some ways that you can be sure to fully inform your doctors of your injury:

  • Write a list of ALL of your symptoms before the appointment.
  • Read from your list.
  • Show the doctor your list.
  • Ask for clarity if you don’t understand a doctor’s question.

And finally, be truthful. Don’t hide an injury because you think it is not going to be a big deal or that it will just heal on its own. Some injuries that feel minor at first can result in long-term significant impairment and pain. Do not give the insurance industry the gift of inconsistent medical records by trying to tough out an injury.

If you have any questions concerning an accident in McKinney TX, McCraw Law Group is here to assist.

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