What Should I Expect After a Highway 121 Auto Accident?

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With a combined accident total of nearly 46,000 for 2015 between Fort Worth, Dallas, and Bonham, it’s no wonder drivers are wary of the Texas state highway that runs between these cities. Due to traffic volume and its location, a highway 121 auto accident seems to be a regular occurrence.

Do you know what to expect after you have been involved in an auto accident on Highway 121? McCraw Law Group is here to offer some insight on how to proceed after an accident.

Get All of the Information You Can

You might be surprised to find yourself a victim of an auto accident on your way to work, school, home, or wherever you are headed on Highway 121. However, it is important to get all of the information you can after the accident.

Talk to witnesses, get other involved parties’ contact and insurance information and take photos of yourself and your vehicle. If a police report is completed, you will later want to request a copy. Any information you can obtain on the accident is incredibly useful.

In stressful situations such as auto accidents, it is not uncommon to recollect information and events incorrectly later down the road. Stress sometimes makes it harder to remember important details. This is why getting all the information you can as soon as you can after the accident is important.

See a Doctor

You may not feel injured immediately after the accident, but you are better off seeing a doctor just in case. Whether you are transported to a medical facility by ambulance immediately after the accident or drive to the doctors yourself the day after, make sure to have some medical insight shortly after your Highway 121 auto accident.

Accidents are known to cause a temporary spike in adrenaline, which can inhibit our ability to feel pain. A doctor may be able to detect an injury from the accident you were not aware you had.

Talk to an Attorney

After gathering all the information you can and seeing a doctor, the next step is to consult an auto accident attorney. You may have medical expenses or property damage that can be reimbursed. A lawyer can help you through the insurance claims process and give sound advice on how to proceed.

You may also be eligible for compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and various other situations related to car accidents. Your attorney will work with you to determine what compensation you are eligible for in your claim.

Helpful Highway 121 Auto Accident Lawyers

After an auto accident on Highway 121, you need diligent representation from a reputable law firm. McCraw Law Group has over 20 years of experience in personal injury and auto accident cases. Our attorneys can help you receive the compensation you deserve, as well as protect your rights. Call 972-854-7900 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free consultation.

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