The Most Important Benefits of Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet 

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Under Texas law, adults who ride motorcycles are not required to wear a helmet if they are over the age of 21 and have completed a DMV motorcycle safety course, or if they are covered by $10,000 worth of accidental medical benefits. And because many adult riders legally do not have to wear a motorcycle helmet, they choose not to.

Four main components make up a motorcycle helmet. These are the outer shell, comfort padding, impact-absorbing liner, and a retention system. All of these components work together to effectively protect the face and head of a motorcyclist. According to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, a motorcycle crash where the rider is not wearing a helmet is three times more likely to be fatal for the rider than if they were wearing a helmet.

But there are other benefits to wearing a motorcycle helmet as well.

First, a motorcycle helmet cuts down on wind noise. Wind can be very loud when it rushes past the ears. This can make other sounds on the road difficult to hear, such as emergency vehicles and oncoming cars. Wearing a helmet can make riding a motorcycle safer, as an inability to hear sounds on the roadway can contribute to a crash. In addition to the noise, wind can also sting the skin when it blasts the face, but wearing a helmet can decrease that.

Helmets also protect riders from other weather conditions, including the bright and sunny days Texas sees for most of the year. Motorcycle helmets have a visor that can greatly cut down on the sun’s glare, especially when motorcyclists are heading directly into the direction of the sun at sunrise or sunset. A helmet can also keep the rain out of a rider’s face during storms, which can increase visibility.

But there are even more elements a helmet can protect against. There are many flying objects on the road such as rocks, gravel, and twigs, that can be very dangerous to a rider if they fly into their face. Insects can also be a nuisance, which a helmet can help protect against.

There are many good reasons for motorcyclists to strap on a helmet before they hit the road. Not only do they offer more protection than leaving the head and face exposed, but they can also shield the rider from the less pleasant aspects of riding including weather, debris, and insects.

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