When Insurance Companies Call After a Highway 380 Truck Accident

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U.S. Route 380 runs east-west between Greenville, Texas and San Antonio, New Mexico. With just over 670 miles in length and intersecting other major interstates, it is a major highway for truck drivers and the transport of goods. However, it also has a high traffic volume, making the possibility of a Highway 380 truck accident higher than your typical roadway.

You may find after an accident with a truck on Highway 380 that the truck driver’s insurance company is quick to give you a call. Here’s how to handle calls from the other part’s insurance company after a truck collision.

Do Not Panic

It is normal for a representative from the trucker driver’s insurance company to call and ask for more information. Sometimes these calls are in good will, but sometimes they can be invasive in trying to prove guilt. It is important to remain calm and be polite when speaking to anyone from the insurance company.

It is also a good idea to identify the caller. Get their name, their phone number, the insurance company they work for and find out who they are representing. This information may come in handy later on.

Limit the Information You Give

The insurance company may just be seeking routine information such as your name, address, phone number and where you are employed. However, invasive questions such as details of your work, schedule and income should not be given. It is possible for this information to be used against you in some manner regarding your truck accident claim.

An insurance adjuster or other insurance company employee may attempt to get details related to the accident or of your injuries. You should not give these details over the phone or without professional guidance, and should kindly but firmly inform the representative of this.

It is normal for the truck driver’s insurance company to push a settlement, especially if they believe the truck driver is at fault. Do not accept any settlement without guidance. Instead, contact a knowledgeable accident attorney before proceeding on any offers.

Consult an Experienced Attorney

Unfortunately, you cannot trust another party’s insurance company to look out for your best interests. While not all insurance companies will push settlements or attempt to get information from you that may compromise your claim, having the protection of an experienced truck accident lawyer is invaluable.

An attorney can guide you through your claim and help you work with you and the truck driver’s insurance company to ensure fair treatment and compensation.

Contact a Highway 380 Truck Accident Attorney

McCraw Law Group’s attorneys are knowledgeable in the commercial trucking industry and can protect you from insurance company calls. We also help our clients fight for compensation of medical expenses, damages and more as a result of a Highway 380 truck accident. Call 972-854-7900 to schedule a free consultation.

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