Is Lockdown Keeping You from Medical Care after a Car Accident?

man dialing a cell phone after a car crash

In these times of a global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, we are all trying to maintain social distancing. With 90% of Americans staying home during this crisis, most people are staying in place. And the results have been dramatic in some places with “safer at home” ordinances reducing traffic accidents by as much as half.

But in many ways, this time of crisis is exactly when accidents are likeliest to happen. If you’re an essential worker, you’re working long hours and getting behind the wheel tired and frazzled.

Regardless of our personal circumstances, we all need to get in the car for essential errands, to help family, to shop, and even to clear our heads. And what if the unthinkable happens when you’re out on the road? What if you get in an accident that requires medical care.

Seek Treatment if You are Injured

The bottom line is not to let the current situation change your reaction to an accident. If you are injured, you must seek medical treatment. Now, current circumstances may change what that looks like. Many doctors are “seeing” their patients via video chat or by phone. They can help you determine whether you need to go in to see someone in person.

Going to the ER or Urgent Care Facility

Many hospitals are handling regular treatment separately from coronavirus treatment. Some hospitals are seeing patients in different locations than their coronavirus cases. They may have a triage center where they send one group of patients or the other, keeping safe distances between the two. Smaller urgent care facilities may be able to see patients more quickly and also may provide more options for isolating in an individual room.

Embrace Telemedicine

Many medical providers are offering telemedicine services at this time of the coronavirus pandemic. That means that even doctors who never provided it before are coming online. Don’t assume your doctor hasn’t. And if they haven’t, consider investigating other telemedicine services.

Bottom Line: Do Not Delay Medical Attention

Most importantly, if you think you have been injured in a car accident, you mustn’t delay treatment. Explore your options and see how you can keep your risk low while still attending to your injuries. Ignoring them may be a decision you come to regret down the road.

As always, track your appointments and treatment costs as closely as you can during this time. Insurers will not be above looking for a way to avoid covering medical treatment so documenting your experience may be critical to recovering expenses.

If you have been injured in an accident and are unsure what could be compensated, contact McCraw Law Group. We can help by explaining your options.


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