Step onto the bustling roadways of Texas, and you’ll see a whirlwind of activity. But beneath this colorful façade, there is a sobering reality: Texas has earned a notorious reputation as one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians.

Why is Texas Dangerous for Pedestrians?

Texas now ranks third, behind Florida and California, as the state with the highest number of pedestrian fatalities. One in five of all traffic fatalities in the Lone Star State are pedestrian related.

Factors That Contribute to Pedestrian Accidents in Texas

  • Speeding – Excessive speeding is a major cause of accidents involving pedestrians. Speeding drivers have slower reaction times, making it more difficult for them to stop or avoid collisions with pedestrians.
  • Distracted Driving – Distracted drivers, particularly those using electronic devices, pose a serious risk to pedestrians. Even a brief moment of distraction from the road can result in dangerous consequences.
  • Failure to Yield Right-of-Way – Drivers and pedestrians must recognize and respect each other’s right-of-way. Pedestrians should use crosswalks and intersections, and drivers must yield to pedestrians in these areas.
  • Driver Inattention – Many accidents are caused by driver inattention, such as failing to notice pedestrians crossing the road. Drivers must be alert and focused at all times.

Interstate 45: Texas’ Most Dangerous Road

In addition to general concerns about pedestrian safety, Texas is home to Interstate 45. Stretching from Galveston to Dallas through downtown Houston, Interstate 45 is not just considered one of the most dangerous roads in Texas but also in the United States. The road has gained notoriety due to a high number of fatal accidents and is now facing legal opposition to the planned expansion.

The ongoing debate over Interstate 45 expansion emphasizes the importance of prioritizing community safety and well-being when planning major transportation projects. It also serves as a reminder for everyone to be cautious and follow traffic laws and safety regulations to lessen accidents and protect both drivers and pedestrians.

How to Protect Yourself

  • Use Designated Crosswalks and Intersections – Always use crosswalks and intersections when crossing the road. These designated areas make it safer for pedestrians and increase visibility for drivers.
  • Stay Alert and Avoid Distractions – While walking, avoid distractions such as using your phone or wearing headphones. Maintain vigilance and awareness of your surroundings to respond quickly to potential hazards.
  • Make Yourself Visible – When walking at night or in low light, wear clothing that is bright or reflective. This improves your visibility to drivers and reduces the risk of pedestrian accidents.
  • Follow Traffic Signals – When crossing the street, follow all traffic signals and signs. Avoid crossing at a red light and wait for the pedestrian signal to turn green.
  • Make Eye Contact with Drivers – When crossing the street, make eye contact with drivers to be sure they see you. This can prevent miscommunication and save you from an accident.
  • Walk Against Traffic – If there are no sidewalks, walk against the flow of the traffic. This allows you to observe approaching cars and take appropriate action.
  • Walk In Groups – Walking in groups can help you stand out to drivers. It provides a layer of safety, especially in areas with significant vehicle traffic.

If You’ve Been Injured In A Pedestrian Accident

The physical harm, psychological distress, and financial difficulties following a pedestrian collision can be debilitating. But remember, you don’t have to face this alone. McCraw Law Group’s experienced personal injury attorneys can provide legal knowledge and compassionate advocacy. With dedicated case managers and our no-fee until we win promise, you can focus on healing while we fight for your future. Call our legal team now for your free case consultation. We are here to make your life easier.

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If you are in need of a personal injury attorney in North Texas, please contact the team at McCraw Law Group today. We are ready to help you in a broad range of serious accident and injury legal issues, and offer multiple ways to reach us.

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