Over 9,500 Americans Died in Traffic-Related Accidents During the First Quarter of 2022

In the first quarter of this year, over 9,500 Americans who loved, who worked to build our country, who laughed with their friends, who shared sorrows in hard times, who cared for their families—are gone. Their deaths are unseen by the public but not by those who love them and depend on them.  Even though most of the deaths are preventable, they are occurring at record levels this year.

Is it a new disease?  What is the epidemic?  What can we do to lessen its impact?  If we were on pace to lose over 38,000 people in a single year to any cause, you would be right to call it an epidemic.

A New Epidemic

The National Highway Traffic Administration just issued its projections from the first quarter of 2022. It estimates that 9,560 people died in traffic-related accidents during the first quarter of the year. That is a twenty year high for estimated deaths during any quarter and about 600 more people than the year prior. These numbers are jarring, and it is not just the total numbers. The deaths per miles driven have also increased. The trend is maddening. Why is this happening?  What can we do about it?

The Devastating Impact of Distracted Driving

I was talking with a lawyer who recently was in a focus group to learn more about what jurors would think about his car wreck case. His case had as a contributing factor cell phone use.  He asked, what percentage of the car wrecks out there do you think are caused by distracted driving? A man in the focus group cut through the fog and said something that we all need to hear, “It approaches 100 percent.  Except for mechanical failure, almost every wreck is due to distraction. Cell phones, texting, crying kids, food or drink, cigarettes, and even when speed is involved, it really comes down to distraction.”

I thought that the answer was what is at the core of these numbers. Are there other causes, of course. Intoxication = not allowing the driver to focus on the road; Sleep deprivation = not allowing the driver to focus on the road.  Do you see a theme?  Lack of focus on the road, or more specifically, choosing to drive at a time or in a manner when a person either cannot focus on the road and react in time to avoid a wreck, or that allows themselves to be distracted is the key to reduce wrecks and the carnage that follows them.

If You Were Hurt, a Dedicated Attorney Is Ready to Help

At the McCraw Law Group, we prosecute cases where folks are seriously injured or killed by the neglect, selfishness, or stupidity of others. When others choose to drive when they are distracted, intoxicated, too tired, or too fast, and hurt others; we are there to step in the gap, to take a bad situation off your plate, and to get excellent results.

But the reason we do it as opposed to practicing another area of law is my belief that we can and should build a better and safer world by holding folks accountable when their bad choices maim or kill others. When no one is accountable, no one is safe. It is about more than just money. Our team members, friends, and families are out on those same roads. Please be careful. And, if you were injured, give us a call today to seek justice.

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