Pedestrian Safety in Texas


Pedestrian traffic is not unusual in Texas. With many sporting events, outdoor markets, concerts, fairs, and upcoming holiday events, Texans are constantly out and about.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), pedestrian deaths now account for 20 percent of all traffic fatalities. In 2021, there were 5,366 crashes involving pedestrians, resulting in 841 deaths. This is a significant increase of 15 percent from 2020.

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable individuals we share the road with. They do not have protective equipment like airbags, seatbelts, and bumpers. Ultimately, drivers and pedestrians must exercise reasonable care and follow the rules of the road to reduce pedestrian fatalities to zero.

TxDOT offers safety tips below that could help prevent a deadly encounter.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

  • Only cross the street at intersections or crosswalks. Look left, right, then left again before crossing.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing. Do not assume drivers see you.
  • Obey all traffic and crosswalk signals.
  • Use the sidewalk. If there is not one, walk on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic.
  • When walking, put away electronic devices that take your eyes and ears off the road.

Safety Tips for Drivers

  • Stop for pedestrians at crosswalks.
  • When turning, yield the right of way to pedestrians.
  • Be cautious when passing stopped buses or other vehicles.
  • Pay attention and put your phone away to be prepared if pedestrians enter your path.
  • Follow the posted speed limit and drive to the conditions.

What to Do If You Are Hit by a Car as a Pedestrian

Suppose you or a loved one are hurt in a pedestrian accident, the first thing to do is immediately seek medical care. If you are injured, you have the right to full and fair compensation for physical, emotional, and financial harm.

McCraw Law Group’s experienced pedestrian accident attorneys can help you recover damages if you are struck by a car while walking or jogging. Contact us today for your free consultation.