Personal Injury Lawyer Fees: Yes, You Can Afford Legal Help

experienced mckinney personal injury lawyer

One of the primary reasons accident victims don’t seek legal assistance is because they believe they won’t be able to afford personal injury lawyer fees. We’re here to tell you that you can afford legal help, and you should seek it out if you’ve been hurt in an accident.

Get A Legal Opinion – For FREE

Not every accidental injury is grounds for a personal injury claim, but you won’t know whether you have a legitimate case until you talk to an experienced lawyer who can explain the law, answer your questions, and advise you on the best way to move forward.

This is both very easy to do and very inexpensive — free, in fact. When you schedule a consultation with McCraw Law Group, you will be able to discuss your situation with an attorney who has handled many personal injury cases, who understands the pain and suffering you’re experiencing, and who will listen to your story with compassion and respect. For clients whose injuries are so severe that they aren’t able to come to us for a consultation, we will come to you.

During this meeting, several things will happen. We will explain your rights, how the law would apply in your situation, give you an honest evaluation of your case, and give you realistic expectations of what will happen if you choose to move forward. There is no obligation and no pressure to proceed with a case or even to choose our firm if you do decide to file a claim.

Contingency Arrangements for Personal Injury Lawyer Fees

This is a story we hear far too often: “I’ve been injured in an accident and now I have too many medical bills to count. I can’t work, so I have no income, and household bills are backing up. I know I need help, but I can barely put food on the table, much less hire an attorney.”

This is one of the primary reasons why McCraw Law Group works on a contingency basis. That means our clients do not pay any fees up front, and we do not collect any fees until and unless we recover money on their behalf. This may be through a settlement or a jury verdict — either way, no money comes out of pocket at a time when every penny counts.

When the case is won, our fees are paid as a percentage of the recovery, and all costs are fully discussed at the beginning of each case.

This contingency arrangement for personal injury lawyer fees allows us to take the cases of ALL deserving accident victims, not just those who can afford to pay up front for legal assistance. No matter what your current financial situation, our legal team can help.

If you were hurt in an accident, contact McCraw Law Group today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in McKinney TX.

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