Safety Tips for Out-of-State Motorcyclists in Texas


Before riding anywhere in Texas on a motorcycle, it is important to get a general sense of road conditions and potential hazards to watch out for. This is especially important if you are from out of state and unfamiliar with the area.

Before getting on the road to or through this state, it may be wise to learn from a local attorney what to look for in order to avoid causing or getting involved in an accident. Keeping these key safety tips in mind could help you ride more safely as an out-of-state motorcyclist in Texas.

Watch Out for Local Construction

One of the dangers that motorcycle riders from out of state need to know about Texas is that this area is growing very fast, and as a result, there is a lot of construction and heavy traffic. That can cause a lot of problems, especially nowadays with the advent of all the services that help route people around traffic jams.

This whole area—Collin County, Denton County, Northern Dallas County, and Northern Tarrant County—is extremely busy with a lot of new construction. In addition to making new roads, local authorities are constantly tearing old roads  up and reconstituting them to run additional infrastructure, leading to missing or blocked-off traffic lanes. Sometimes they are marked, but other times they are not marked until very late in the process.

Around heavy construction, it can be harder for people to see motorcyclists. With traffic cones or traffic barrels present, motorcyclists can get lost among all the obstacles. On top of that, motorcycles are generally difficult for other motorists to see. Many motorcycle wrecks in Texas happen when a person is turning left across traffic and do not see a motorcyclist coming straight the other way.

Keep an Eye on Surrounding Traffic

When drivers squeeze down lanes and open them back up, they create additional hazards for motorcyclists. Due to traffic jams, motorcyclists often do things that are unsafe, like ride between lanes when people are in bumper-to-bumper traffic or ride on the shoulder. Local injury firms have seen several wrecks occur because a motorcyclist decided to ride down between two lanes in traffic, and then somebody changes lanes and collides with the biker.

Wear Protective Gear and Maximize Visibility

It is almost always important that motorcyclists in Texas wear protective gear and do everything they can to ensure that their motorcycle is visible to other motorists when on the road. They should make sure all their reflectors are in good shape, drive with their lights on, and all other behaviors that responsible bike owners do to ensure that their visibility is maximized.

Following Safety Tips Could Help Minimize Out-of-State Motorcycle Wrecks in Texas

The core principles of motorcycle safety are generally the same no matter the state you are riding in. However, having prior knowledge of hazards that are unique to a particular area could also be key to ensuring a long road trip ends as safely as it began. A seasoned attorney may be able to provide additional safety tips for out-of-state motorcyclists in Texas through a free consultation.

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