Serious Scooter Accidents on the Rise


Last week I spent some time in Austin, protecting Texas families from bad bills and advocating for good bills. It is a biennial tradition beginning in January every odd numbered year and lasting for the next 140 days. The work is necessary and interesting. Over the years I have noticed a lot of changes. In my recent visit I noticed electric scooters seemingly everywhere—but protective headgear was nowhere to be seen. It was a major change from the 2017 session. People were riding them on the sidewalks, some on the roads, and even across lawns— all without helmets. Discussions concerning these ever-present scooters ranged from a great use to a scourge on the streets.

While I was in Austin, a person was killed while riding on the street. Just today I read a news story of a lawsuit being filed in Florida over another death faulting Lime’s terms of service that directed the rider to ride on the street instead of the sidewalk, which was illegal in that particular city. The point here is that injuries and deaths from using this latest crazy in urban transportation is skyrocketing and the legal landscape is adjusting to help riders and the public remain safe on the roads and sidewalks.

I want to urge each of you to use extreme caution while using these scooters—obey the traffic laws and wear safety gear. I also want to urge you to use extreme caution when driving in proximity to urban areas where these scooters are used. Scooter injuries and deaths can be minimized if everyone recognizes their existence and the potential harm to riders and folks walking down the sidewalk. I suspect that through the mayhem that our city sidewalks and streets are becoming, additional safety rules will develop to prevent needless injuries and death. Between now and then, keep a sharp eye out when operating a vehicle in an area where scooters may be found. In the event you are injured in one of these situations, the McCraw Law Group stands ready to help.