Social Media: A Danger to Your Injury Claim?

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Social media is part of our daily routine. We wake up, hit the alarm and immediately check Facebook. We scroll through our newsfeed looking for something to make us smile, photos of friends or new dinner ideas.

We repeat this pattern throughout our day on multiple social media platforms. But if you are currently involved in a personal injury claim, the attorneys at McCraw Law Group recommend social media silence. Insurance companies are mining personal social media histories to deny injury claims. How can it be so dangerous to your case?

Going Silent on Social

The beauty of social media is also the beast to your injury claim. Americans use social platforms to create an image, and if that image is one of content and happiness, you may be sending the wrong message. Every post, every picture, and every “like” – they all tell a story of your condition. Of course, if you tell your social media “friends” the truth of your condition, you are likely to lose those “likes” and followers that in many cases are your connection to a bigger world. Many people simply create an illusion of contentment and happiness online regardless of the truth to maintain that connection.

We have seen too many times, people in desperate need from injury, isolated by the impairment and pain, turn to social media’s escape to create an alias of what they want to be rather than what they are. Pictures and posts showing a good life, while not always real, can be manipulated by the insurance industry to argue that you are a cheat and a liar who is exaggerating or fraudulently claiming injury.

Pay close attention to what you post on the following sites and applications:

  • Facebook. It may seem harmless to check-in from the gym or post about a great weekend with friends. But how will that look to the insurance company you are fighting? Go silent on Facebook and make your page private. This will help reduce access to your information. This includes sending private messages sent through Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • Instagram. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in an injury claim, it can be damaging to your case. Even if you think a photo is harmless, the best decision is to stay away from posting any pictures while your case is active.
  • Twitter. 140 characters of text is more than enough to give away too much information. Tweets are equal to pictures and posts – stay away or don’t divulge any information regarding your condition.
  • LinkedIn. This professional networking site is another social platform that we recommend you keep private. Refrain from connecting with new people while your case is active.

What’s the Lesson?

Social media is a fun way to share our lives with family and friends. Long distances between relatives can disappear with the photos and information we share over the Internet. However, your family might not be the only ones watching what you post, tweet or share. The following steps can help the McKinney accident attorneys at McCraw Law Group while we work hard to get the compensation you are owed:

  • Go Silent. Don’t post on social media while your case is active.
  • Increase your privacy on social media accounts to the highest level.
  • Don’t add new friends or contacts as not everyone is who he or she appears to be.
  • Ask friends to refrain from posting about you.

Finally, search for your name on an Internet search engine like Google. Anything that concerns you can be brought to the attention of your legal team at McCraw Law Group.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident because of someone else’s negligence, contact McCraw Law Group today to find out how we can help you protect your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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