Steps to Take after a Motorcycle Accident in Texas

doctor showing a patient a chest x-ray

Few things are scarier than getting into an accident while riding your motorcycle. The inherent lack of protection often means that injuries are more severe after a motorcycle wreck. Here is some advice from an attorney on the best steps to take after a motorcycle accident.

1.) Talk to a Lawyer

The number one step to take after a motorcycling crash is contacting an attorney. Legal counsel is going to be able to put you in the best position to succeed in your case. Trying to do it yourself is an option, but the legal system can be complicated, and having an attorney who is knowledgeable in motorcycle collision cases can help protect your claim and reduce your stress throughout the entire process.

Another reason not to handle your case on your own is because proving liability in motorcycle crash claims requires a nuanced understanding of the potential for bias towards motorcyclists and how those implicit biases might impact your case.

2.) Keep Up with Medical Treatment

Go to your doctor appointments. It is imperative for you to follow all of your doctor’s advice after a motorcycle collision. Do not allow for any gaps in treatment. “Toughing it out” will be detrimental to your recovery, your long-term health, and could affect the viability of your injury claim.  Insurance adjusters will routinely cite “gaps in treatment” as a factor in reducing the value of an injury claim, so making your medical treatment a consistent priority is essential.

3.) Do Not Settle Too Early

Do not settle your motorcycling accident claim too early. In motorcycle wreck cases, you want to make sure you complete your treatment so you understand the full scope of your injuries before settling. If you settle before you complete your treatment, you may have unaccounted for expenses, such as an injury that is worse than it first appeared.

A knowledgeable lawyer with McCraw Law Group could provide more guidance on steps to take after a motorcycle accident in Texas. Call today.

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