Texas Lawmakers look To End Swoop and Settle Tactics After Accidents

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Car accidents can result in a variety of economic and non-economic losses. These losses, or damages, include medical bills, vehicle damage costs, pain and suffering, mental suffering, and more. As such, the total recoverable damages is often substantial.

However, a defendant driver’s insurance company wants to pay as little as possible, even if it is not fair to the injured motorist. To do this, insurers often try to reach a settlement agreement with the claimant before they have a chance to speak with a local attorney. These settlements rarely cover the full extent of a claimant’s losses and prevent them from seeking further recourse.

Swoop and Settle Tactics After Accidents

It is the goal of an insurance company to minimize their payout, which can be difficult once an experienced attorney is obtained by the injured party. Therefore, insurance companies will often contact the claimant and try to perform a quick settlement over the phone. This settlement many times is the minimal amount the insurance company wants to pay and will likely not cover all the damages needed. Without legal guidance, claimants may agree to a settlement that leaves them still struggling financially.

Texas Lawmakers Putting an End to Swoop and Settle Tactics

Attorneys around Texas do not support these quick settlements and find them to be very unfair and manipulative. In fact, many lawyers are lobbying Texas representatives to create legislation to end these settlements. Representative Julie Johnson recently created Texas House Bill 1793, which will make all oral automotive insurance settlements illegal. If passed, this will make the Swoop and Settle Tactics for insurance settlements extremely difficult. With lawyers in strong support, many insurance companies believe this is inefficient and will make for a slower process for people to receive their settlement money.

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Car wrecks can be very detrimental both economically and non-economically. Recovering from these accidents can be very expensive and frequently require ongoing care. Contacting an attorney immediately after being hurt in a crash is very important to get a thorough review of your case so you could receive the compensation you deserve. Call the McCraw Law Group today to schedule your free consultation.

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