Tips For Safe Thanksgiving Travel

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Thanksgiving lands in second place as the favorite holiday of many Americans. Only the Christmas season can top turkey day. When it comes to travel, Thanksgiving takes the cake – or maybe the pie. More Texans travel on the days around Thanksgiving than any other time of the year. We fill the car to see friends and family, excited to catch up over food, football and beautiful fall weather.

The holiday travel increase also comes with a price. Roadways crowd with cars, and parties place drunk drivers behind the wheel. The McKinney car accident lawyers at McCraw Law Group want to keep you and your family safe with these Thanksgiving travel tips.

Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips

1. Prepare Your Vehicle. Take a few moments to make a safety check of your car or truck. Are your lights and blinkers working? What about emergency flashers? Take note of any mechanical problems and have those fixed before you hit the road. Stranded on the highway leaves you and your passengers vulnerable as cars speed by. Finally, check those tires. Proper air pressure and tread life are vital to safe driving.

2. Don’t Drive Distracted. Cell phones make it way too easy to take your eyes off the road. Let someone else have your phone to answer calls and text messages. Checking the football score isn’t worth your life of the life of others on the road with you.

3. Don’t Drive Drunk. If you are headed to a party, designate a driver. Buzzed driving is drunk driving. Don’t get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

4. When Possible, Limit Late Night Driving. Driving in the dark exposes you and your passengers to a plethora of dangers. First – the changes of drunk drivers on the road is higher at night. Next – animals, like deer, are more active in the dawn, dusk, and nighttime hours. Wild pigs will be on the move at night and can cause severe damage to a vehicle.

5. Don’t Overload Your Vehicle. Heading to see family and friends usually means loading the car with suitcases, food, coolers and outdoor gear. If you overload your car and block your view, it can be more difficult to see around your vehicle.

6. Drive In Control. Don’t drive at high rates of speed. Maintain your lane. Stay focused on the act of driving and you can stay safe. The passengers in your car can distract you as well. Loud conversations or kids fighting in the back seat can take your eyes off the road. It only takes a moment to lose valuable stopping time that could help you avoid a crash.

McCraw Law Group wishes you and your family a safe and fun Thanksgiving holiday. If you or anyone you know is involved in a traffic accident or hit by a drunk driver during Thanksgiving travel, contact our office today to speak with an accident lawyer in McKinney.

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